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The Saffron Book

Hindutva, an important but much misunderstood idea, has been written and spoken about often in bits and pieces. The Saffron Book cannot claim to be a comprehensive thesis but it certainly is an attempt to think through Hindutva, a concept which has not only a past and a present but also a future.

The author believes that now on Hindutva will hold the ideological centre stage in Indian politics.
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Hindu Masjids

Hindu Masjids: Symbolises the longstanding conflict between Hindus and Muslims, and offers a solution. From Emperor Akbar to Rajiv Gandhi, many have tried to build bridges of friendship between the two communities but all of them, including Mahatma Gandhi, have failed. As the last five decades have proved, the partition of 1947 did not solve the problem. read online

March 2017


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