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On 14 August 1947, M.A. Jinnah was declared the winner...
Nov 2017

On 14 August 1947, M.A. Jinnah was declared the winner; he had won his homeland for the Muslims of all India. Lord Mountbatten especially flew to Karachi to award the medal to Quaid -e- Azam of all Muslims of India. Hindustan was still a part of the British Empire. Only the next day, the mutilated Hindustan was awakened to freedom. Thus Gandhi, who had sworn that partition could take place over his dead body, and his favourite son Jawaharlal were defeated. The dream of an undivided lay shattered. 

The only criterion of the division was religion. Muslims had to have their dar-ul-Islam. They had voted overwhelmingly a year before for their New Medina. Through 1946 and 1947, Jinnah and his seven senior League colleagues had demanded the hijrat of all Muslims to the new holy land. Dr Rajendra Prasad reacted to this proposal by saying that in the event a few Muslims cannot migrate from Hindustan, they would be aliens and could reside here on visas issued by New Delhi. Jinnah endorsed the stand as reasonable and acceptable. 
Pakistan sent back its Hindus and Sikhs soon after August 1947. Why are Muslims still more than equal citizens of India and still here? Articles 25 to 30 of the Constitution and the claim of many to be Muslim Indians (not Indian Muslims) make them ‘more than equal’.   


November 2017

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