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Islam is the only religion whose scriptures encompass all aspects...
Jul 2017

Islam is the only religion whose scriptures encompass all aspects of life including the political. In an Islamic state, the sovereignty belongs to the Allah and not to the people. The Bible stated that what belongs to Caezar (the state) should be given to him and what belongs to God (the spiritual) is His. After the Reformation in the 16th century, secularism came formally into being, and the state and the church were treated as separate. Hinduism is no formal religion and has little to do with the state. In the process, Hinduism and Islam are poles apart. 

Yet the Congress leaders insisted on a secular polity of India, most likely knowing that Muslims have never had even a word, neither Urdu nor Persian nor Arabic for a non-religious state. Evidently, there could be no meeting ground. Inevitably, Gandhiji's wishful thinking was belied and his dream crashed to the ground. Partition was the eventual result. Meanwhile, for a patchwork, the then (1932) British PM Ramsay MacDonald gave a Communal Award as a precursor of the country's division. To not forget, the vivisection of India in 1947 was only on ground of religion. 
The Partition was supposed to be final solution of Hindu Muslim differences. Instead, the Muslims (25% of the total population in 1947) obtained 30% of the land mass. The differences however persisted unresolved. As a result, the current century is a replay of the 20th century. Rip Van Winkle? Or a tragedy?


November 2017


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