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Don't Fall Prey To Communal Instigation
This refers to the report, “Don't fall prey to communal instigation:Mamata in Jalpaiguri” published in The Indian Exoress of 29.03.2017
Apr 2017

This refers to the report, “Don't fall prey to communal instigation:Mamata in Jalpaiguri” published in The Indian Exoress of 29.03.2017.

This report raises some questions and comments:
1.    Bengal Chief Minister, Ms Mamata Banerjee praises herself as an ideal person who performs Durga Puja, goes to Churches and attends Iftar parties etc. This is essentially a Hindu characteristic for Hindus can be atheists, agnostics or believers from one God to 33 crore gods and goddesses. Hindus not only tolerate but recognise and respect the god of Christians as God whose only begotten Son is Jesus and that of Muslims as Allah whose last prophet is Muhammad. May I ask if Christianity and Islam respect Hinduism? According to Christianity and Islam, Hindus are worshippers and children of false gods (and goddesses). Can she clarify her stance on this insult to Hindus? The abive clearly prove that Hindus are not communal but are victims of communalism started in all ferocity from MA Jinnah's call of Day of Direct Action on 16 August, 1946 in which thousands of Hindus were butchered by Muslim League goons.

2.    She is a votary and well wisher of minorities. Fine. Has she shown such sympathies for the minorities of her next door neighbour, i.e., Bangladesh?

3.    As Chief Minister, she should be fair with all communities. While she introduced salaries to Imams and Muezzins, has she done such favours to temple pujaries? In many intances, she gave preference to Muslim festivals to Hindu ones. This clearly exposes her anti-Hindu and pro-Muslim bias.

4.    One of her cleric supporters declared an award to anyone who would blacken the face of Prime Minister Mr Modi. Is she in agreement with such unworthy behaviour. Why is she silent on this issue?

5.    Regarding terrorism, while Bangladesh under Prime Minister, Haseena Wajed is at war with terrorists, Mamata looks the other way by providing safe hide outs to Bangladeshi terrorists in Bengal because she has taken vote bank politics to the extreme. So, her recent condemnation of terrorism sounds hollow.

6.    The fate of Hindus who are minority in many districts of Bengal are no better than that of Hindus of Bangladesh.

7.    Hindus will continue to suffer because of lack of unity, effective leadership and absence of god-fathers globally unlike Muslims.

SC Panda, 1/2 HIG BOA Colony, CSPur, Bhubaneswar


April 2017


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