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Ram Kumar Ohri, a former IPS officer, has come out with his fifth book...
Jan 2017

Ram Kumar Ohri, a former IPS officer, has come out with his fifth book, Global War Against
Kafirs. According to the Dictionary of Islam (1885), the word kafir literally means the ‘coverer’, one who hides or covers up the truth. The word is generally used by Muhammadans to define one who is an unbeliever in the ministry of Muhammad and his Quran, and in this sense it seems to have been used by Muhammad himself. Surah ii 37: Those who misbelieve (wallazina kafaru), and call our signs lies, they are fellows of the Fire, they shall dwell within forever.  It is also used for those who believe in the Divinity of the Lord Jesus, and the Holy Trinity. Surah v. 77: They are infidels who say Verily God is the third of three.

The Dictionary goes on to quote The Raddu- l-Muhtar which says there are five classes of kafirs or infidels; (1) Those who do not believe in the Great First Cause; (2) Those who do not believe in the Unity of God;(3) Those who do not believe in revelations;(4)Those who are Idolators; and (5) Those who do not believe in the general mission of Muhammad.

To wage Jihad (Holy War) is a Muslim duty. In the words of Professor Bernard Lewis: It was a Muslim's duty to fight in the war against the unbelievers. In principle, this war was to continue until all mankind either embraced Islam or submitted to the authority of a Muslim state. Until this was achieved there could theoretically be no peace. The ideology of an Islamic State is based on the principle of Jihad.

The book by Ohri highlights the dangers that the Islamic State poses to the Indian State. Unless, the Government of India takes this threat seriously, the problem would become unmanageable in the years to come.  In the words of the author:

Challenges For The Security Forces
The following important aspects of India's security preparedness ought to be thoroughly analyzed and debated by eminent security experts and intelligence agencies. Thereafter, a multy- pronged strategy should be evolved to defeat the threat posed by the Islamic State.

First and foremost, Central and the State governments must undertake a data-based appreciation of the threat posed by ISIS, Lashkar and allied groups, duly aided by Pakistan, including the multiple spy nests embedded in India. An evaluation should be made of the threats likely to emanate from our immediate neighborhood as well as West Asia.  The action plan should ake into account the possibility of sudden eruption of jihadi attacks simultaneously in many sensitive locations in various States.

The training of all para-military forces and police of various States should be revamped and massively upgraded with greater emphasis on incorporating exceptionally higher standards of physical fitness and combat efficiency. It's time to out match and beat the standards prescribed for ISIS foot soldiers in their online book, The Black Flags from Islamic State.

A critical review and upgradation of the regimen of training being imparted to the police forces of States as well as para-military forces, is absolutely essential.  Among other things, tactical training should include the capacity to face the savagery and brutality being used by the ISIS, AL-Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Tayyeba, Indian Mujahideen, et al.

To defeat Abu Bakr Naji's vile strategy of creating pockets of 'vexation and exhaustion', all 'no-go' areas in every State and major city should be identified and listed district-wise and city-wise. A bold effort should be made to effectively prevent the creation of more such pockets. Strong steps should be taken to enforce strict police patrolling across all ' no-go' zones.

There is a special emphasis in Naji's war manual, Management of Savagery, on staging 'spectacular' attacks to demoralize the kaffirs. It is therefore essential to evolve a proper system of anticipating and defeating all such plans and manouvres.  For foiling any attempted 'spectacular attacks' all State police forces should prepare and keep handy district-wise lists of important installations, religious institutions, sensitive towns and locations which could be targeted.

Short term as well long term Action Plans should be drawn up to counter the long term Islamic campaigns targeting India. In doing so tactical advice and technological help must be sought from the government of Israel which has a long and successful record of fighting Islamic militancy on more than one front.

A comprehensive evaluation of the manpower available with the State police forces and central para-military forces should be undertaken for winning he future war against multiple groups of Islamic militants. There is an urgent need for increasing the strength of security personnel and armed forces.

Time has come to review and upgrades the architecture of intelligence collection. A system of indepth 'threat analysis' by the intelligence Bureau, the Research & Analysis wing, all para-military forces and the intelligence wings of State police forces needs to be evolved. There is an urgent need for enforcing a system of post-operational debriefing of arrested jihadis and their accomplices and circulation of the information elicited thereby.

It is imperative to introduce a system of monitoring day-to-day postings on Jihadi websites. This important task has to be performed by the intelligence agencies as well as the State Police forces. Wherever necessary, all provocative posts on Internet may be neutralized. Equally important, is the need to put in place a system of effective scrutiny of departure and arrival by air or train of all persons having suspicious antecedents.

And if the frequent pronouncements by the likes of Baghdadi and the notorious Pak-based jihadis like Hafiz Saeed are to be believed, India will continue to be attacked again and again.  The ongoing jihad to subjugate India will continue for decades, unless crushed with an iron hand. Labels of different Islamic groups are irrelevant. The Islamic state belongs to the same genre to which the Lashkar-e-Tayeba, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Indian Kujahideen, SIMI, Qaedat-alqaeda and oher anti-Indian outfits like the United Jihad Council and Jamaat-ul Mujahideen Bangladesh belong. It is a far more dangerous enemy and represents a daunting challenge to the Indian nation.

The repetitive threats issued by the Islamic State to attack India should not be considered as empty boasts. The danger is real and imminent. The Indian strategists must make earnest preparations to counter it. There is an urgent need for strategic delibertations on the subject and upgradation of our security architecture. But far more important is the need for enhancing manifold the physical stamina and combat efficiency of our security forces so that they can defeat the dangerous force multiplier of savagery.


April 2017


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