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Give Minorities Their Due Before Advocating Uniform Civil Laws
Equal representation of minorities in government jobs...
Jan 2017


Gopalkrishna Gandhi, a grandson of Mahatma Gandhi while delivering V.M. Tarkunde memorial lecture suggested equal representation for Muslims in Government jobs, Judiciary and Parliament. The suggestion made is completely flawed for the following reasons:
    (a)    Muslims of India led by M.A. Jinnah had asked for a separate homeland on the basis of religion. They confirmed their choice when they overwhelmingly voted for Pakistan in the elections held in 1945-1946.
    (b)    M.A. Jinnah and seven of his senior colleagues had insisted on transfer of populations between Hindustan and Pakistan failing which Hindus would see the reenactment of murderous orgies of Changez Khan and Halaqu Khan
    (c)    Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the late distinguished President of India in his book India Divided (1946) had declared that Muslims left behind in India after Pakistan would become aliens. Those who wished to stay back would apply for Visa from the new government. M.A. Jinnah had agreed to the formulation of Dr. Rajendra Prasad.
    (d)    On what ground does Mr. Gopalkrishna Gandhi advocate reservations for Muslims, he has not clarified? Perhaps he is following the footsteps of his eldest uncle (Tau) Abdulla Gandhi.


April 2017


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