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Unfinished Agenda of Partition
Hindustan remained where they were. Uncannily...
Nov 2016

In 1946/47, the Muslim League led by M.A. Jinnah and seven of his leading colleagues wanted an exchange of populations immediately upon the division of the country. In fact, -an exchange of populations was an integral part of their desire for Partition.

Gandhi and Nehru turned a deaf ear to this proposal of exchange. They took note only of the fact that the killing of Hindus and Sikhs by Muslims whether in the western wing of Pakistan or the eastern wing as the Pakistani method of frightening the Hindus and Sikhs to migrate from their territory. It was left to the common people to kill some Muslims in retaliation. That served no purpose as up to 95 percent of the Muslims who were resident in Hindustan remained where they were. Uncannily, to this day not only Pakistanis but also Muslims in India use the word Hindustan; their way of conveying that Muslims do not belong to this country. They are residing here out of expediency or necessity.

The 1950 Nehru Liaquat Pact, signed for the benefit of minority protection in the two countries, was to pay lip service by Pakistanis. They continued to squeeze out Hindus especially from the eastern wing. In the western wing in West Pakistan they had finished their mission to throw out Hindus and Sikhs as much as possible.

Yet, Pakistani leaders whose views are rejected in the media, are still loudly talking of the Unfinished Agenda of Partition. When asked they clarify by talking about Kashmir. This means that Pakistan has completed its side of the exchange which was their idea of an integral) Partition. On the other hand, the Indian side of the Partition remains ignored and un?nished. And it is the single greatest cause of the continuous verbal or actual blood-letting between the two countries.

Our first and very distinguished President was Dr. Rajendra Prasad. Otherwise, he would not have been our only President who reigned for two terms. In 1946 he had written a book entitled India Divided wherein he made a sterling suggestion. That those Muslims who could not migrate to Pakistan should be allowed to reside in Hindustan by the issue of visas and naturally without voting rights. This proposal was acceptable to Qaid-e-Azam Jinnah. And the idea is still very much a viable one.


November 2017


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