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Migration of Hindus from Kairana (UP)
News papers have recently highlighted the flight...
Oct 2016

News papers have recently highlighted the flight of Hindus from Kairana. Those Indians who have an understanding of the Muslim mindset would not at all be surprised at this migration. In this context, it would be interesting to know the advice given by Shaheed Suhrawardy, the Premier of Bengal to the Indian Muslims who did not migrate to Pakistan in 1947. This is what he wrote on the morrow of Partition to Choudhry Khaliquzzaman, in September 1947, the second President of Muslim League (after M.A. Jinnah):

Continue to live as Muslims in the best Islamic traditions connected with the Muslim League and holding fast to the two-nation theory. In order to prevent subservience to the Hindus, the Muslims should form themselves into strong pockets. lt is politically and culturally desirable.
The Muslims of independent India are following the advice given by Suhrawardy. As a result, Hindus are leaving villages, towns and districts wherever Muslims are in majority or where Muslims are going to be in majority because of Muslims migration into those areas. This has the following implications:  
1. Muslim concentration localities gradually become No-go-areas.
2. People living there consider themselves above the rules and laws of the country.
3.  Government servants charged with the duty of implementing the laws of the land rarely visit these places.


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