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One Country More Nations Again ?
Do Hindus learn from the lessons of history...
Oct 2016

Do Hindus learn from the lessons of history?  And reminders of those lessons? The latest is Brexit! We believe that the United Kingdom has decided to leave the European Union crucially because of a dread of random immigration like the one led recently by the Syrians. In any case even The Economist of London had a cover story entitled Eurobia years ago. The ultra latest fear is one of Euroturkiye which means Europe being flooded by Turkish immigrants. There are no boundaries to the fear psychosis, for example, Trump is creating waves in the presidential contest of USA.

For India there is nothing new. It all began with the advent of Muhammad bin Kasim in 712 AD followed by a long series of invasions. What happened a thousand years ago like the destructive raids of Mahmud of Ghazni followed by Muhammed Ghori and thereafter the sultanate inaugurated by Qutbuddin Aibak in 1204 AD. The throne of Delhi was finally vacated by Bahadur Shah Zafar in 1858. Nevertheless, the conflicts and clashes, whether in blood or in the minds, continued inexorably. Although it was hoped that the Partition of the country in 1947  would finally end them. Alas! Peace was not to prevail. 
The Muslims of India did not abide by the proposals of  M.A. Jinnah and other Muslim League leaders on  the exchange of populations. Albeit they voted overwhelmingly for the creation of Pakistan, a separate homeland for the Indian ummah. BUT most did not go to their homeland although hijrat is an Islamic principle for migration to a Darul Islam. Uncannily, Jinnah's Pakistan did do ethnic cleansing by chasing out Hindus and Sikhs. Their side of exchange was complete.  Tragically, the Muslims of India have not reciprocated.
Yet, we have nurtured separate laws, separate land laws like those for waqafs, separate constitutional provisions (articles 25 to 30)?  Another country of enclaves within the country of India! Waqfs are territories that are supposed to belong to Allah.  Are we re-creating two nations in our or one country a la Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan?


April 2017


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