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Anti India
Being The Other
Shias already have an advantage. Prof. J.S Bandukwala was ...
Sep 2016

Shias already have an advantage. Prof. J.S Bandukwala was not physically harmed, although his house was attacked, why? Because even the hooligans knew his Shia denomination. 

Our only doubt is whether, you would be able to disassociate yourselves from the Sunnis although they are butchering your kind in Pakistan as well as Iraq, Yemen etc.? Because you have made allegations like the following in your book: 
You blame Gandhi, Nehru and Patel for Partition. Ahmed Ali Jinnah, the Qaid's younger brother was a friend of my grandfather's. They often met, at the latter's residence 401 Girgaun Road, Mumbai 2 in those days of 1945, 1946 and 1947, over a cup of tea and ganthias, a Gujarati namkin bought by Jinnah for 2 annas each time. 
Ahmed said that his brother Mohammed had be the top person wherever he was. If he could not be the badshah of India, he had to be the sultan of a part of India. The family was culturally Parsee. The brothers were not adept at praying through namaz. They ate and drank what they liked. Neither had chudidar pyjamas nor achkans. The Qaid acquired them when he was acclaimed the life president of the Muslim League. They were fluent in English and Gujarati only. 
Incidentally, Ahmed lived on his own with Rs 600 per month that his brother gave him. His Swiss wife left him before World War II began. He did not go to Pakistan and died within months of Partition. Your book has a whole chapter on Unholy Riots but not even a fleeting mention of the Great Calcutta Killing that commenced on 16 August 1946 upon official orders of the Muslim League. Its resolution read as follows: 
Whereas the Council of the All-India Muslim League has resolved to reject the proposals embodied in the Statement of the Cabinet Delegation and the Viceroy, dated 16th May 1946, due to the intransigence of the Congress on  the one hand, and the breach of faith with the Muslims by the British Government on the other; and Whereas Muslim India has exhausted without success all efforts to find a peaceful solution of the Indian problem by compromise and constitutional means; and Whereas the Congress is bent upon setting up Caste-Hindu Raj in India with the connivance of the British; and Whereas recent events have shown that power politics and not justice and fairplay are the deciding factors in Indian affairs; and Whereas it has become abundantly clear that the Muslims of India could not rest contented with anything less than the immediate establishment of independent and fully Sovereign State of Pakistan and would resist any attempt to impose any constitution-making machinery or any constitution, long term or short term, or the setting up of any Interim Government at the centre without the approval and consent of the Muslim League.
The Council of the All-India Muslim League is convinced that now the time has come for the Muslim Nation to resort to Direct Action to achieve Pakistan, to assert their just rights, to vindicate their honour and to get rid of the present British slavery and the contemplated future Caste-Hindu domination. This Council calls upon the Muslim Nation to stand to a man behind their sole representative and authoritative organisation, the All-lndia Muslim League, and to be ready for every sacrifice. This Council directs the Working Committee to prepare forthwith a programme of Direct Action to carry out the policy enunciated above and to organise the Muslims for the coming struggle to be launched as and when necessary.
As a protest against and in token of their deep resentment of the attitude of the British, this Council calls upon the Musalmans to renounce forthwith the titles conferred upon them by the alien Government. And then you have the temerity to allege against Prime Minister of India in the words: Modi was on test. The by-election from Rajkot would give him a seat in the assembly, but only by a margin of 14,728 votes. For a long innings in Gujarat he would have to do something on a bigger scale. Perhaps it was only a coincidence that this was the state of play when Coach S-6 of the Sabarmati Express was set alight. 
You wrote about the pogrom in Hyderabad and holocaust in Jammu but no mention through the book of the ethnic cleansing in Pakistan. Bangladesh had 30 per cent Hindus in 1947. Today only 8 percent remain. West Bengal had 15 per cent Muslims but now has 30. India is probably the second biggest Muslim country in the world because there has been no ethnic cleansing here and the Naqvis are flourishing. How much more can anyone be prejudiced against a country of his birth as well as choice and livelihood?  Have you ever wondered why the greater part of the world is today against lslamists? Even Pakistan's best friend China is killing Uighurs in Sinkiang.


November 2017


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