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Abolis Minority Concept
The concept of minority is an enormous sham in the Indian...
Sep 2016

The concept of minority is an enormous sham in the Indian polity since the founding of the Indian National Congress in 1885. Its inauguration by Allan Octavian Hume provoked Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in 1888 to declare in a public speech at Meerut that the Hindus and Muslims are two separate nations. Since his community was less numerous, it would be in minority and therefore needed the shelter of reservation. He thus introduced the idea of separate nations and the concept of minority in one stroke. When convenient one was used and when expedient the other expression was invoked.

The Morley Minto Reforms of 1909 brought separate electorates which went on until March 1940 when M.A. Jinnah, while introducing the Pakistan Resolution, declared that Hindus and Muslims are separate nations and therefore needed separate countries. In 1947 India was torn asunder and Pakistan came into being.  With due respect to him, he proposed an exchange of populations because the only reason for the partition was religion. Justice G.D. Khosla ICS, wrote that an exchange of populations was inbuilt in the scheme of partition.
Gandhiji and Jawaharlal Nehru threw the integral proposal out of the window. In the event, the western wing of Pakistan implemented unilaterally the idea of exchange by pushing out the Hindus, Sikhs and some Christians.  The eastern wing also did something similar although less drastically. Shaheed Suhrawardy wrote to Choudhry Khaliquzzaman, second President, Muslim League that the Muslim strategy in Hindustan should be to gather in clusters or  concentrated pockets.  So that as far as possible wherever Muslims live, they should be in majority. As a result a significant number of districts in India especially U.P. have Muslim majority. Most Indian cities have wakfs which are above the normal laws. These are properties that were confiscated from the Hindus by the Muslim rulers.  This makes them probably the largest landholders in urban India. Separate personal laws, namely Sharia, are well known.  Moreover, there are separate schools or madrasas as well as universities funded by the Central government.  This is not all.  There are separate law courts i.e. Darul Qaza. And there is a proposal to float Islamic banks. Articles 25 to 30, of Fundamental Rights in the Constitution are for minority, an euphemism for Muslims.
In the garb of minority, yet another partition is being worked upon. Beware and abolish the idea of minority.  All are equal.


April 2017


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