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What we have silently resented for long, Sunanda Datta ...
Aug 2016

What we have silently resented for long, Sunanda Datta Ray has articulated in the Mail Today. If western colonialists are grudged against why are Indians not commensurately angry with the Mughals and Lodis who were also foreign invaders? Whether the British, French or the Portuguese, they cannot visit India without visas. Dr. Rajendra Prasad, our first Rashtrapati, in his book called India Divided contended that, after Partition, Muslims that remained behind in Hindustan should posses visas like any other foreigners. After all, the country's division was to be on one criterion only and that is Hindu Muslim. M.A. Jinnah readily accepted this contention with his insistence on an exchange of population.

The late Prof. Balraj Madhok had proposed an alternative solution in his well known monograph, The Rationale of the Hindu State: The Indianization of Indian Muslims, their identity should clearly be Indian with Islam as a faith for worship. The book is extensively quoted in this issue as a tribute to the great Hindu leader.

We must not forget three all important contributions of the British imperialists. One, they administratively united India. That it was divided on the eve of their departure in 1947 was largely the historic inability of Muslims to coexist with others a la Dar-ul-Islam. Two, the East India Company dethroned the Muslim rulers and gave the Hindus an opportunity to function on a field level with their former rulers. For centuries, most Hindus had to survive as servile subjects. Three British rule brought the industrial revolution to India. 

As far as the Mughals and Lodis were concerned, they destroyed so many mandirs that the resulting wounds cannot be washed away by the beauty of a thousand Taj Mahals. Yet, we call them brothers, not invaders. We do not change the street names chosen in their memory. Curzon Road has become Kasturba Gandhi Marg but Babar Road is unchanged. We do not change the names of cities and districts called so in honour of these invaders. Madras became Chennai, Calcutta was renamed Kolkata but Ahmedabad must not be changed to Karnavati.!  


April 2017


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