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According to Munsif (February 26), the Myanmar...
Jun 2016

According to Munsif (February 26), the Myanmar government banned education of Rohingya Muslims. As per the government sources, there are around 8lakh children getting education in over a dozen of rehabilitation camp. The Myanmar government decided that madarsa would not be allowed in these camps. Due to this reason 80 per cent children are remaining uneducated. In Rakhain, one of the provinces of Myanmar, last year only two Muslims got bachelor degree while 27 other Rohingya Muslim students were declared Bangladeshi and subsequently expelled from the university. Spokesperson of the United Nations claimed that it wanted to open schools in these camps but the government was not allowing them. Rohingya Muslims have also been banned for not opening any schools or madarsa. Democratic Voice of Myanmar claimed that the decision of Army administration banning religious education was continued by the new government. The government said that Rohingya Muslimss were not Myanmari citizens therefore it was !lot the responsibility of the government to provide them education. Muslim organizations of Myanmar say that the Myanmar government is anti-Muslim so it does not want to allow Muslims to set up madarsa. This is to recall that some years ago after communal riots erupted, Rohingyas were forcefully taken out of their houses to lodge into refugee camps. Spokesperson of the government said that people put in the refugee camps are not citizens of Myanmar so it is not the responsibility of the government to provide education and other facilities to them.



April 2017


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