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UNITY 2016
Minority Muslims can do riots, rape...
Jun 2016


Sunday March 27, 2016

‘Minority Muslims can do riots, rape in india, but Hindus in Bangladesh can’t even think of doing it’.

Zee Media Bureau, New Delhi: Known for taking bold stance against bigotry, noted Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen on Sunday stirred up a hornet's nest when she said that minority Muslimscan commit heinous crimes in India which is hard to even imagine for minority Hindus in. Bangladesh. Through her Twitter handle, Taslima tweeted, “Minority Muslims can do riot, commit violence, rape, even kill a Hindu in India. Minority Hindus can’t even imagine doing such things in Bangladesh.”

Radical group Hefazat warns armed resistance

Dhakatribune, bangladesh>> March 25, 2016>> Anwar Hussain, Chittagong: Chittagong-based radical Islarnist group Hefazat-e-Islarn has threatened to declare jihad and take up arms if Islam is removed as the state religion. “We will intensify our movement against any attempt to remove Islam from the Constitution as the state religion,” Hefazat Secretary General Junaid Babunagari told a rally in Chittagong's Andarkillah on Friday. Hefazat organised the rally demanding rejection of a writ petition filed with the High Court challenging legality of a Constitutional provision that gives Islam the status of state religion. “We will lay down our lives, if necessary, to protect Islam,” he said, hinting at possible future violent agitations <edited>.

http://www.dhakatribune.com/bangladesh/2016/mar /25/hefazat-movement-it-state-religionscrapped# sthash. ymFdE8aAdpuf

Bangladeshi Islamists threaten violence if Supreme Court drops Islam as state religion

The Hifazat-e-Islam Bangladesh group has called for a mass strike on Friday, warning that “Millions of Muslims will come out of mosques against the Supreme Court” and punish the judges. For Catholics and Hindus, the group’s threats are “immoral”

AsiaNews.it (23.03.2016) - http://bit.ly/25mtCJI-The Islamic fundamentalist group Hifazat-e-Islam Bangladesh has threatened retaliation and a general strike if the Supreme Court seriously considers dropping Islam as the state religion. The judges are currently holding public hearings to decide whether to repeal the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution, which makes Islam the state religion <edited>.

Hindu College Student Gang Raped

Pabna Correspondent, BDNews24.Com, Published, 15th March 2016: A Hindu college student, 21 in Pabna was kidnapped from home and gang raped while she was going to attend a Hindu religious event (Kirton) nearby. She is an Honors student of Santhia Edward College. A case has been filed against 4 persons giving names of two at local (Santhia) police station. A family source told to BDNews24 that, when all family members of the victim had gone to listen Kiran at a nearby house, Vol. 8. Issue 03, Mar 2016; Published on) 3rd April 2016; Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/oikyo.parishadusa:

E-mail: unitycouncilusa@gmail.com: Published & Edited by Sitangshu Guha, Page 2 of 10.

Dr. Koenraad Elst came out in 1992 with his seminal work Negationism in India. This work was a wake-up call to the Hindu intellectuals to view India's past from a Hindu perspective. Records written by Muslim Chroniclers and later translated by Elliot and Dowson and other English scholars told the story of Muslim rule from the Muslim's point of view. After 1947, Aligarh historians took charge of the Ministry of Education and the way history was taught up to 1950 was given a go-bye. Now students were debarred from knowing atrocities committed by Muslim rulers on the Hindus. Instead they were taught how Muslims and Hindus lived happily and a composite culture had emerged. Students were not told about the real reasons of the Partition of India because that would falsify the claim that Hindus and Muslims had developed a composite culture.

The present volume On Modi Time by Dr. Koenraad Elst is a collection of articles /essays written by the author in the recent past. However, the main message of the book appears to be: the present rulers of India have yet to develop clear thinking on various subjects and particularly with regard to the treatment of minorities (an euphemism for Muslims). This would be apparent from a few extracts given below:

Literally from the first time that I met Sita Ram Goel, and until the very last, sometime before his death in 2003,, he was critical of the Sangh Parivar. He chided them for being mediocre, knee-jerk reactive, repetitive and anti-intellectual.

.... The problem is that this large mass of people, purportedly the largest NGO in the world, is not given proper direction. When you criticize the RSS, the answer you usually get from its spokesmen is that they have such great manpower, so dedicated so disciplined - all true. But this mass of disciplined and dedicated workers is like a headless monster. It doesn't know where it is going.

...... The RSS is also blinded by a kind of hubris, thinking that it is the leader and awakener of Hindu society. Objectively, it makes common cause with the long arm of the RSS. It therefore also thinks that because of its merits and its pivotal role, it is -entitled to use people - one of Sita Ram Goel's objections to it. But the main flaw he saw in the RSS was its docility, its herd instinct, all while pretending to give the lead. It never provided a realistic analysis of the forces in the field, nor even of the battlefield itself, the world in which contending forces have to function.

.... Another argument used in the Singh's defence is that, once in a while, it knows how to win elections. In 1898 and 1999, it achieved victory for the BJP, but the subsequent Government didn't achieve anything for Hindu society. Hindus were legally as much second-class citizens in India during and after BJP rules, as before.

..... So, the BJP has betrayed its ideological platform and the confidence of the Hindu electorate. As was said to Hannibal after he inflicted a crushing defeat.on the Romans: “You know how to achieve victory, but you don't how to use victory.” (Vincere scis, sed victoria utinescis; in the end, he was defeated.) Since the BJP'S surprise defeat in 2004 and until the current Hindu mobilization, the enemy forces have poked fun at the Hindu activists for nine long years, reassuring hasten ever faster towards its hoped-for demise, making way for a “post-Hindu India”. Those who claim to be leaders of Hindu society should accept responsibility for this predicament .

.... Caving in to aggressive minorityism

The reaction of BJP and the Hindutva forces behind it is just that; a reaction. Even what little ideology they once had, viz. a general commitment to Hinduism, has made way for a mere craving of approval from the hegemonic opinion-makers, the secularists. You would think that finally the BJP is securely in power, but this is only formally the case; ideologically, the BJP still looks up to the secularists as the real power-wielders. It does not analyse the discourse of the secularists from a vantage-point of its own, within from an alternative pro-Hindu worldview; it merely reacts to what it perceives as an unassailable and omnipresent secularist opinion.

.... Dealing with aggressive minorityism

When we read the laws privileging the minorities, one thing that strikes us is the complete Hindu passivity in using these laws to their advantage. To be sure, those laws are unsecular as well as indefensible, but while they exist, Hindus called make the best of it. Thus, in several states and in many districts, Hindus as such are a minority. Moreover, the law also recognizes linguistic minorities, so Gujaratis in Tamil Nadu (etc.) could also demand minority privileges. As in other aspects of this problem, Hindu take it lying down.

There is also the dishonourable option of leaving the Hindu fold to fend for itself and declaring oneself a non-Hindu minority. This is the usual Hindu disease of safeguarding one's own little community at the expense of the whole. Rather than going around and telling these ex-Hindu just how contemptible their behavior is, it is better and more effective to remove the temptation by restoring equality for the Hindus.

Even before amending the offending Articles, Hindu thinkers could question the very concept of 'minority'. India consists only of minorities. Hinduism is a commonwealth of many communities, each a minority. One has to be very gullible (or so absorbed by development', as the present BJP team claims to be) to swallow this nation of "minority" with all the privileges that go with it.

Once they have fully understood the implicit definition and ramification of "minority", serious Hindu (and just secular) thinkers behind and ministers inside the government should proceed to scrap it from the laws and the Constitution. Or at least, unless those whiz kids discover anything unexpected, that would seem to be the logical conclusion. Down with the whole concept of minorities, starting with the Minorities Commission, an intrinsically anti-majority lobby-group with a legal status.

At the same time, though, one should be careful here: pampered and privileged communities might see the instauration of equality as a great ijustice. For the time being, they are far better than the Hindus at selling their own view to the India public and to the world. So, they will shout that the minorities are being oppressed, that an overbearing Hindu majority is taking “right” away from them, and all the other well-known whining and wailing. It is important to present the issue in terms of secularism and democracy, which constitute sufficient ground for equality, not in selfish terms of Hindu interests. Even then the other side 'can be expected to misrepresent the issue, so Hindus will need to be innocent as children and wise as snakes .

..... Satya about minority teachings

Towards the minorities, a policy is needed that could properly be called Gandhian. It does not mean being naive and inconsistent of the Partition might think. No, it means seriously applying the principles that Mahatma Gandhi talked about and remains associated with, though he himself failed to apply them. These are: satya/truth and ahimsaitvni-violence.

Satya requires facing the truth concerning Christianity and Islam. This may require a mental leap of Hindus, who are not used to asking about the truth of religion. When a Christian community was given asylum in Kerala, their Hindu hosts did not ask for the contents of their doctrine, let alone its degree of truth. Few people know the truth, and not many are even interested in it. Hindus were already satisfied if these newscomes lived in peace and respected certain basic norms such as not killing cows or Brahmins. It is not natural for Hindus to scrutinize religious doctrines.

In general, this is as it should be. However, willful ignorance should not arrogate to itself the pretence to somehow know these religions nonetheless. Gandhi, who was not a student of religious doctrines, claimed that all religions automatically deserve equal respect. While leaving undecided for now what he himself meant by it, the secularistsermonizers who venture to interpret his teachings for us, claim that it means the “equal truth of all religions”, and that “all religions lead to thegoal”. This, however, is blatantly untrue. One may refrain from judging the truth of a religion, but one should not speak untruth about religion, much less think it.



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