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Whether London Underground or the Spanish train...
Jun 2016

Whether London Underground or the Spanish train or the Parisian experience or the Brussels bombing, all represent the unfolding of two phenomena. One, resumption of Islamic jihad against Christian Europe that began with the crusades about a thousand years ago. Two, the decline of Europe which was precipitated with the Great War in 1914.

The War witnessed massive massacre of lakhs of Europe's youth and, at the end of it, the breakup of three empires, namely, the Russian, the Austro-Hungarian, and the Ottoman Empire. Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany had also called himself Emperor. The exciting cause of the War was the assassination of Crown Prince and Princess of Austria by a non-descript Serbian youth. Hardly anyone had his heart in a war except Kaiser Wilhelm who felt that Germany should also have an empire comparable to his colonial neighbors. No civilization in its sense could have moved by the whim of one monarch. The ego of one person precipitated such colossal warfare.

World War II was attributed to vexatious reparation terms of the Versailles Treaty which reduced Germany to bankruptcy. In turn, the German people elected Adolf Hitler. A sane, sober, educated nation like Germany chose and blindly obeyed a maniac. A clear symptom of a country driven out of its mind? A demonstration of civilizational exhaustion. 

Then a back bencher, Winston Churchill narrated in the House of Commons how Hitler was arming the German army and air force and predicted the consequences.  No one in Britain cared to listen, it seems. When the war broke out and Germany invaded France, the same Britain chose Churchill as its indispensable prime minister.  “Peace In Our Time” of erstwhile prime ministers Austine Chamberlain and Edouard Daladier vanished into thin air and Germany defeated France in a matter of weeks. The climax of the war was the destruction especially of Germany, soon giving way to the start of the Third World War between USA and Stalin's Soviet Union. All to no real end except that the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the heavy debts incurred by America. Clearly the Europeans behaved for nearly a whole century with no vision and an unwitting rush towards self inflicted weakness and downfall.  

Coming to jihad, the latest phase of it was inaugurated in 1972 with the butchery of Israeli team members at the Munich Olympics. In 1973 the OPEC countries raised the price of oil to abnormally high levels. Most of the petro dollars earned from expensive oil gathered in the Middle East centred around Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran and UAE.  The USA did not lift a finger. The accumulation of petro dollars became a power generator. America did not mind paying the high prices because that also meant that its own oil reserves appreciated in value. The rest of the world had to pay the price so that the cradle of jihad grew rich. Again, no vision was displayed and the USA had to pay her price with Osama Bin Laden and the World Trade Centre. Europe witnessed impoverishment. The new jihad has only one weapon and that is terrorism and bomb blasts with the fidayeen largely being residents of the countries where the blasts took place. Incidentally, many a European country had earlier welcomed Muslims left, right and centre whether from their own colonies or from elsewhere.

Prophet Muhammad had proclaimed “Marry women who will love their husbands and be very prolific, for I wish you to be more numerous than any other people.” (Mishkatu l-Masabih, book xiii). In other words, the mission of Islam was to capture the majority of the world's people. One way towards this majority was the above means, the other had to be conversion which made jihad or Holy War, an essence of the faith. We are witnessing on a murderous scale the aggression of jihad upon Europe as well as other countries. World War IV is relentlessly on and its end nowhere in sight. 



April 2017


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