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Visrant Ghat
Apr 2016

When they had seen all the sights of the city, they returned to Nanda, who had been much disquieted  by their long absence , and on the morrow repaired to the arena, where Kansa was enthroned in state on a high dais overlooking the lists. At the entrance they were confronted  by the savage elephant Kuvala- yapida, upon whom Kansa relied to trample  them to death. But Krishna, after sporting with it for a while , seized it at last by the tail, and whirling it round his head dashed it lifeless to the ground. Then, each bearing one of its tusks, the two boys stepped into the ring and challenged all comers . Chanur was matched against Krishna , Mushtika  against Balaram. The struggle was no sooner begun than    ended : both the king's champions were thrown  and rose no more.  Then Kansa started from his throne, and cried aloud to his guards to size and put  to death the two rash  boys with their father Vasudeva - for his sons he knew they were -and the old king Ugrasen. But Krishna with one bound sprung upon the dails, seized the tyrant  by the hair as he vainly sought to fly, and hurled him down the giddy height into the ravine below.*  Then they dragged the lifeless body to the bank of the Jamuna, and there by the water's edge at last sat down to ' rest ', whence the place is known to this  day as the 'Visrant ' Ghat. Now  that Justice had been  satisfied, Krishna  was too righteous to insult the dead ; he comforted  the widows  of the fallen monarch, and bid them celebrate the funeral rites with all due form, and himself applied the torch to the pyre.  Then Ugrasen was reseated on his ancient throne , and Mathura once more knew peace and security.



November 2017


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