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Apr 2016

As a wit has put it : one name for Islam is peace on the implementation of which iconoclasm has had to be resorted to. Temples have been brought down or converted in order to obliterate even the remotest alternative to Alllah the Merciful who is the one and only god in a Muslim's view.  Hagia Sophia in Constantinople was the biggest church to be converted into a mosque when the Turks took over and the city became Istanbul in 1453 A.D.

This was consistent with any number of churches in the Middle East which were converted to masjids upon Islamic takeover. For example :  the Umayyad mosque in Damascus founded by Caliph al-Walid in 705 A.D. was built on the site of the Byzantine Church desecrated by St. John.

In this context perhaps it is not surprising that thousands of mandirs were either destroyed and replaced or converted into masjids.  For the Hindus the most horrific eyesore is the birth place of their most loved and popular avtar Lord Krishna being reduced to a servants' quarter at Mathura and on top of it stands an ugly Idgah.  No Hindu is allowed to enter the Idgah although Muslims are free to pray there every Friday.
It is a shame that the Hindus who are supposed to have their own government since 1947 have not had the gumption  to  restore the birth place of Lord Krishna to its pristine glory.
The building of the Idgah was not the last outrage.  Upon destroying the mandir of Krishna Janmabhumi, Aurangzeb changed the name of Mathura to Islamabad.  A fitting answer to this ignominy is to re-name Mathura,  to Krishnanagari,  upon whose soil no Muslim should be allowed to set his foot a la Mecca and Madina where all kafirs are prohibited from setting their foot.  The Gyanvapi masjid at Benaras also stands where the original Kashi Vishvanath temple stood in honour of Lord Shiva.  It is therefore also a monument of outrage and a living reminder of Hindu humiliation which should be demolished and sent into the rubble of history. As in Mathura, no Muslim should be allowed to set foot on the soil of Benaras as a punishment to their forefathers for their atrocities.
The masjids and their tall minarets  on the ghats of Benaras are similarly an eyesore. Sir Arnold Toynbee, the distinguished philosopher of history, delivering the Abul Kalam Azad Memorial lecture had expressed surprise at the masjids on the ghats still standing in the holiest of holy cities.  He reminded the audience that once upon a time there stood a Roman Catholic church in the centre of Warsaw , Poland.  When the Russians conquered the city they converted the church into an Eastern Orthodox church.  Years later upon Polish independence, the Poles proudly re-converted the Orthodox church into a Catholic one.
Hindus please remember.


April 2017


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