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Muslim League's Demands During 1920S and 1930
Mar 2016

14 POINTS : With the takeover of the administration of India by the British Crown in 1858, the British Government announced a policy of greater association of Indian with the Goverance of the country; albeit-gradually. In 1927, the Government in London announced the appointment of the Simon Commission to examine the looking of the Indian Act of 1919 and suggest further constitutional reform. Immediately, under the leadership of M.A. Jinnah, the Muslim League came forward with a list of 14 POINTS.  These were:

1.The form of the future Constitution should be federal with residuary powers vested in the provinces.
2.A uniform measure of authonomy should be granted to all provinces.
3.All legislatures in the country and other elected bodies should be reconstituted on the definite principle of adequate and effective representation of minorities in every province without reducing the majority of any province to a minority or even equality.
4.In the Central Legislature, Muslim representation should not be less than one-third.
5.The representation of communal groups should continue to be by  means of separate electoratcs as at present, provided that it should be open to any community at any time to abandon its separate electorate in favour of joint electorates.
6.Any territorial redistribution that might at any time be necessary should not in any way affect the Muslim majority in the Punjab, Bengal and North-West Province.
7.Full religious liberty, that is, liberty of belief, worship, observances, propaganda, association and education shoul be guaranteed to all communities.
8.No bill or resolution, or any part thereof, should be passed in any legislature or any other elected body if three-fourths of the members of any community in that particular body oppose such bill or resolution or part thereof on the ground that it would be injurious to the interests of that community or, in the alternative, such other method as may be devised or as may be found feasible and practicable to deal with such cases.
9.Sind should be separated from the Bombay Presidency.
10.Reforms should be introduced in the North-West Frontier Province and Baluchisan on the same footing as in other provinces.
11.Provision should be made in the Constitution giving the Muslims an adequate share along with other Indians in all the Services of the State and in self-governing bodies, having due regard to the requirements of efficiency.
12.The constitution should embody adequate safeguards for the protection of Muslim religion, culture and personal law, and the promotion of Muslim education, language, religion, personal laws, Muslim charitable institutions, and for their due share in grants-in-aid given by the State and by self-governing bodies.
13.No Cabinet, either Central or Provincial, should be formed without there being a proportion of Muslim Minister of at least one-third.
14.No change to be made in the Constitution by the Central Legislature except with the concurrence of the States constituting the Indian Federation.
15.That in the present circumstances the representation of Musalmans in the different legislatures of the country and of the other elected bodies through separate electorates is inevitable, and further, Government being pledged not to deprive the Musalmans of this right, it cannot be taken away without their consent, and so long as the Musalmans are not satisfied that their rights and interests are safeguarded in the manner specified above (or hecein) they would in no way consent to the establishment of joint electorates with or without conditions.

Note :--- The question of excess representation of Musalmans over and above their population in the provinces where they are in minority to be considered hereafter

LIST OF FRESH DEMANDS 1938 : It was thought by the British Government and the Congress Party led by Gandhi that with the announcement of Communal Award, 1932, Muslims were completely satisfied and there would emerge a happy working relationship between the two. Around the Provincial Elections of 1937, a controversy against erupted between M.A. Jinnah and Pandit Nehru when asked to indicate issues of concerns to the Muslims, Jinnah refused to diverge. Pandit Nehru, in one of his letters to M.A Jinnah fabulated fresh matter of disputes indicated by Jinnah. These Were:

1.The fourteen points formulated by the Muslim League in 1929.
2.The Congress should withdraw all opposition to the Communal Award and should not describe it as a negation of nationalism.
3.The share of the Muslims in the state services should be definitely fixed in the constitution by statutory enactment.
4.Muslim personal law and culture should be guaranteed by statute.
5.The Congress should take in hand the agitation in connection with the Sahidganj Mosque and should use its moral pressure to enable the Muslims to gain possession of the Mosque.
6.The Muslims' right to call Azan and perform their religious ceremonies should not be fettered in any way.
7.Muslims should have freedom to perform cow slaughter.
8.Muslim majorities in the Provinces, where such majorities exist at present, must not be affected by any territorial re-distribution or adjustments.
9.The ' Bande Mataram' song should be given up.
10.Muslims want Urdu to be the national language of India and they desire to have statutory guarantees that the use of Urdu shall not be curtailed or damaged.
11.Muslims representation in the local bodies should be governed by the principles underlying the Communal award, that separate electorates and population strength.
12.The tricolor flag should be changed or alternately the flag of the Muslim League should be given equal importance.
13.Recognition of the Muslim League as the one authoritative and representative organization of Indian Muslims.
14.Coalition Ministries should be formed.


November 2017


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