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Mar 2016

Sub kuch luta ke hosh main aye to kya kiya……. Only the devil could see what the Muslims of the sub-continent had to gain by demanding Partition. The other person who knew what he was to gain by demanding Partition was Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He knew he would go down in history as the founder of a nation, as the would be Sultan of Pakistan. A whisky drinking, port eating, suit wearing Shia was able to sell the Partition to the Muslims, their political bankruptcy. The Punjabis, the Pathans, the Sindhis, the Bengalis, all had Muslim premiers in their majority provinces and needed no Partition.  

More than a third of the Muslims were stuck in Hindustan. Yes, there was another gainer, the Gujarati Muslim, whether the Khoja, the Memon, or the Bori. They all financed Jinnah because business would be easy for them to do.  They said to Jinnah that let us do business in competition with the Punjabi farmer rather than to take on the Parsis, the Baniyas, the Marwaris or the Chettiars in the erstwhile India. Jinnah proved a brilliant salesman. 
Prof. Wilfred Cantwell Smith had explained this at length on the morrow of the Partition. Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran had told a Pakistani journalist that Jinnah did not show foresight for the Muslims in demanding Partition. Only Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad behaved expediently by hitching his fortune on to the achkan of Nehru. 
Prophet Muhammad and his rightly guided early Khalifas had drawn up a comprehensive ideology for life, social as well as individual, including political ideology. But how weak, if not also shallow, were the Indian Muslims to buy what goods Jinnah wanted to sell and sold. Now 70 years have passed and the split nation of Pakistan and Bangladesh have failed to get into gear, and in the process disheartening the Hindustani Muslims, what are they to say but to blame Hindus for cutting off the limbs of their dear motherland??? Such is the logic, says Shamsul Islam, the new peddler of shifting the blame. 


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