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World War IV
Paris attacks : Lessons for India
Jan 2016

 Paris Terrorists Attacks: Murderous Ideology In  Action:

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius in a statement made in New Delhi on November 20, 2015 said terrorist attakes were happening all around and were on the increase not because of the faulty polices pursued by countries but because the terrorists believed in a murderous ideology. The Minister went on to say: In fact, they are murderers and they want to kill everybody who does not share their ideolog. their promised ideal life consists of killing people and being kille. All they want is to kill everyone who does not accept their domination. 

Theological Underpinning: 

Paris terror attacks have sent shock waves across Europe. However, those conversant with the history of Abrahamic faiths would not at all be surprised at the series of terror attacks in Paris in November 2015. In the words of Professor Bernard Lewis: For more than 1400 years, since the advent of Islam in Arabia and the incorporation into the Islamic empire and civilization of the formerly Christian eastern and southern shores of the Mediterranean, Islam and Christendom have lived side by side, always as neighbours, often as rivals and sometimes as enemies. In a sense each (Islam and Christianity) is defined and limited by the other. God is one, alone, and eternal, says the Quran. He begetteh not, neither is he begotton and he has no peer. In this and other explicit rejections of the Christian position, Islam clearly distances itself from its predecessor and asserts its own universal message and mission. Each religion saw itself as the bearer of God's final revelation to humankind, with the duty of bringing that revelation to the world.  Each religion recognized the other as its principal, indeed, its only rival in this claim. The result was a long series of conflicts beginning with early holy wars-Jihad and Crusades. The last crusade ended in a disaster for Christendom.

From an early date Muslim law laid down, as one of the principle obligations of the head of the Muslim state and community the conduct of Jihad. In Arabic, the word means striving. However, it has been usually understood in a military sense. It was a Muslim duty, collective in attack, individual in defence to fight in the war against the unbelievers. In principle this war was to continue all mankind either embraced Islam or submitted to the authority of the Muslim State. According to Islamic traditions, the Prophet Muhammad during his life time sent letters to all the kings of the infidels summoning them to embrace the new faith, writes Professor Bernard Lewis. The obligation of jihad was in force on all the frontiers of Islam beyond which lay the lands of the infidels. For almost a thousand years (712-1683), from the first Moorish landing in Spain to the second Turkish siege of Vienna (1683), Europe was under constant threat from Islam.  In the early centuries, it was a doubled threat-nor only of invasion and conquest, but also of conversion and assimilation.



April 2017


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