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India's interests compromised
Dec 2015

A close reading of the various parts of the Draft Agreement on Kashmir reveals that not much thought was gone into the implications of the agreement by the Indian side. Indian leadership should never forget or overlook the fact that India was divided on the demand of the Muslims. Religion was the sole basis of the demand and Pakistan quite often refers to the Kashmir issue as an unfinished agenda of Partition. Having failed in its attempt to amalgamate/merge Kashmir with Pakistan through force, it has now adopted a policy of establishing an independent Kashmir. Pakistan has succeeded in its design to throw out the Hindu population from the valley. It now aims to create, gradually, an Islamic State of Kashmir in the North of India: There are already two Islamic states in the West and East of India.

It also deserves to be noted that the dictatorship of the Army would continue in Pakistan so long as Kashmir issue in not resolved. Once Kashmir issue is resolved, the raison d'etre of Army's rule disappears say some. There are some others who are of the view that Army has come to stay in Pakistan and it will soon find another issue(s) for continuing conflict with India. 

Some Muslim scholars are of the view that Islamic theology favours the rule by dictatorship and concepts, like democracy, liberalism, secularism are anti-thesis of Islam.  Is it any wonder that the Arab Spring expired no sooner it had begun!



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