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In his recently published book ...
Dec 2015

In his recently published book “Neither A Hawk Nor A Dove” K.M. Kasuri, the former foreign secretary of Pakistan, has revealed what was tentatively agreed between the Musharraf regime and Vajpayee-cum-Manmohan Singh government about a settlement of the Kashmir issue.  In essence the points of back channel negotiations were the following four:-

“(i) Jammu and Kashmir cannot be made independent; (ii) borders cannot be redrawn; (iii) the Line of Control can and should be made irrelevant; (iv) and a Joint Mechanism for both parts of Kashmir can be worked out. This last point was absolutely essential to convince the Kashmiris and the people of Pakistan that there had been a change in the status quo, details of which have been given above.”


If an Indian leader had possibly agreed to these points it is clear that we should not have such a prime minister.  Point no.3 is wholly unacceptable. On the one hand we call LoC as the border and on the other it was proposed to make it irrelevant. That was the surest way of unlimited infiltration from Pakistan into Kashmir first and the rest of India later.  As things appear, conditions in Pakistan are bound to become oppressive.  What the ISIS is doing in Middle East can happen at the hands of the Taliban in our neighbouring country. The next consequence would be the exodus of people into India on a larger scale than the way Europe is being invaded whether by Syrians, Iraqis or others.


The joint mechanism as proposed in point (iv) is equally diabolical. Between Pak sympathizers/supporters in the Valley and the Pakistani representatives, it would be like handing over Kashmir to aliens.


Why on earth should India agree to such absurd blunders?  There is only one solution to the problem.  For India to hand over the Aksai Chin territory occupied for long by China.  Get the rest of the Chinese claims in the middle and the eastern sectors withdrawn in exchange. Once the Sino-Indian border is agreed, signed and settled,  India would become several times more powerful than today. 

Thereafter prepare and in due course provoke the Pakistani army to go to war. Until the Pak army is defeated and disgraced on the battlefield, the faith inspired by it amongst the populace and its dominance over the civil government in Islamabad,  cannot be reduced and the Pak army would not allow any peace with India to last. The bogey of India is the army's best justification in the eyes of the Pak people. That it can no longer protect the people, is what is required to be proved demonstratively. Thereafter New Delhi can dictate terms on Kashmir or on any other issue.



April 2017


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