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Change of name of Aurangzeb Road
Oct 2015

Recently the New Delhi Municipal Council has decided to change the name of Aurangzeb Road to Abdul Kalam Road. Muslims belonging to various Muslim organizations have opposed this change. The Muslims of Okhla locality have gone to the extent of naming the Okhla-Kalindi Road as Aurangzeb Road. The Muslims while opposing the change have drawn attention to a circular issued by the Home Ministry in 1975 to the effect that the existing names in Lutyens' Delhi will not undergo any change.  The new name, if any, would be given to the new roads and not to the existing ones. 

The Congress Government while in power at the Centre had changed the name of Curzon Road to Kasturba Gandhi Road and the statues of all British eminences were removed and dispatched to Kingsway Camp.  For Indians, both the Muslims and English were invaders, one came from the passes and the other from the seas. The treatment had to be equal and not iniquitous.
The change of name of Aurangzeb Road was done keeping in view the atrocities committed by the Moghul ruler on the Hindus/Sikhs of India. There is Babar Road in New Delhi named after the founder of the Moghul Empire in India. This should appropriately be re-named as Mother Teresa Road. There is no country in the world except India which gives respect to the rulers who destroyed their culture and civilization.  
It is a well known fact that wherever Muslims ruled they destroyed the places of worship of those countries and changed the names of the towns and cities. In Europe, for example, the name of Constantinople was changed to Istanbul after the Turks captured the city in 1463 AD from the Christians. The Church of St. Sofia was changed into a masjid.  Similar things happened in other parts of Europe wherever Muslims came to rule.  India was no different in this respect. In Uttar Pradesh the number of towns/cities with Muslim names is enormous; other parts of India too are no real exception. Sir Arnold Toynbee when he came to India to deliver Azad Memorial lectures, was surprised to see still standing masjids on the Krishna Hills in Mathura and masjids at the Ghats of Banaras. It is time these remnants of Muslim rule are demolished and in their places Hindu names and Hindu temples are restored. After all there were no masjids in India, no Muslim names in India before the advent of Muslim invasion in 712 AD by Mohammed-bin-Qasim.  No self respecting country should allow continuing monuments of foreign rule.  


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