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M.A. Jinnah described Aligarh Muslim ...
Sep 2015

M.A. Jinnah described Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) as an arsenal of Muslim India. Professors Sayed Zafarul Hasan and Mohammed Afzal Qadri of AMU drew a detailed design for the partition of British India and worked out the geography of Pakistan which included areas like Hyderabad as well as Karnataka. No doubt, Aligarh was the ideological centre of Islamic ideas since its inception as Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College. Justice M.C. Chagla and Dr. Rafiq Zakaria referred to the U.P. Muslims as the cause of Pakistan; according to them there would have been no Partition but for them. Prof. M. Mujeeb, Vice Chancellor of Jamia Milia Islamia also wrote at length to underline that but for the U.P. Muslims there would have been no Pakistan. 

The Mohemmadon College named above, was founded in 1876. It gradually undertook the thought of separatism. In the year 1920 the college was upgraded to a university and it began to receive grant from the Government of India. Despite its anti-national role, the government continued to increase its funding to AMU and now virtually all its expenses are met by New Delhi. 

Not only professors but even the students went in large numbers to the Punjab to campaign for the Muslim League with its one-point programme or creating Pakistan in the 1945-46 elections. A sovereign country, if it is proud of its sovereignty, would have abolished the Aligarh institution on the morrow of Partition. But India has done the reverse by funding it generously and pampering it no less than dotting parents. Sir Aga Khan in his biography published in 1954 paid a handsome tribute to the work done by AMU for the creation of Pakistan. He recalls that the sovereign independent nation of Pakistan was born in AMU.



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