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What iconoclasm is to places of worship, terrorism is to human beings.
Jul 2015

 What iconoclasm is to places of worship, terrorism is to  human beings. Psychologists have opined that there is no shortage of young Muslims who are prepared to die in the cause of Islam. The expert diagnosis is that subconsciously these young folks are afraid of normal death. Hence they would like to offer themselves to be fidayeen and reach jannat or heaven instantly. A normal death does not end with burial. It is only on the day of judgement or qiyamat  that the fate of the dead person would be decided; whether he/she is sent to jannat or jahannam. Until then uncertainty would prevail and this uncertainty is the sub-conscious cause of the fidayeen's fear of normal death.

It is the same uncertainty, it is the same collective fear that drives the iconoclast to desecrate or even destroy the places or objects of worship that belong to other than Muslims. The innate fear is that unless we Muslims destroy perhaps the other religions will defeat Islam. Prophet Mohammad celebrated his return to Mecca by destroying some 360 idols that lay in the Kaaba. What better example for the momins to follow than that set by the Holy Prophet himself? 

Many Hindus believe that their mandirs, some 3000 odd, were about the only victims of Islamic iconoclasm. If so, they are wrong. Islamic iconoclasm is a worldwide phenomenon; the world being wherever Muslims have conquered.  In our knowledge, as far west as Spain and right across to Indonesia in the east, there has been iconoclasm. Hope this Issue will give you a few glimpses of what has happened not only in India but also in Europe and West Asia.


April 2017


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