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Reader's Write
The refugees had come from a highly developed civilisation
Jun 2015

The Editor,

Jan Sangh Today, New Delhi.

With reference to your article on Pakistan the new Medina I want to add that you are right in saying that there is a drought of literature on Partition. The so-called high caste writers of India are insensitive to the  plight of the the refugees. They always discriminated against them then and it continues till today. Their honour is not safe even after 68 years of partition.

The refugees had come from a highly developed civilisation but they were thrown in the waste lands of Delhi and other areas of north India. Those who agreed for Partitition did not make arrangements for the refugees on a sufficient scale. Half baked bread was thrown at them at old Delhi Railway station, and other entry points in Delhi and other parts of north India. They were an unwelcome lot of people who suffered for no fault of their own. The sprawling bungalows of Civil Lines were grabbed by the Lalas of Chandni Chowk who always lent money to the British officials. The officials were always in debt to them and sold their big houses to the merchant class of Delhi at throw away prices.

There are only two novels by Khushwant Singh `Train to Pakistan' and `I shall not hear the Nightingale'.

Hindus are shown as underdogs. `Azadi' by Chaman Nahal also deals with the theme of the partition. It was awarded Sahitya Akademi Award. `Fiery Days of RSS' also details the hard days the people faced during those days. The locals do not feel any pain for the people who were uprooted from their hearths and homes.

What makes things worse is that those who agreed to partition did not ask Muslims to leave en masse.  Hindus were told that Muslims were Hindus till two generations ago. It was also said that the uncle of Jinnah, Nathu Bhai, was also a half Hindu. Such lies were told to placate the uprooted people of the holocaust.

A refugee went to the office of Nehru to seek some help. His staff demanded bribe from him. When Nehru was told about the demand he said that if he changed his bribe demanding staff then the one who is appointed in his place would also demand it. Such callous attitude marked the days of the partition.

Atal Bihar Vajpayee always made loud speeches at Ram Lila ground that he would do this and that when his party came to power but he did nothing even though Pakistan gave him three chances to destroy it.  When there were only two MPs of BJP in Lok Sabha a map of Kashmir was published in `SPAN' magazine of US embassy in Delhi. I went to the Windsor Place residence of Vajpayee and handed over the copy of the magazine to him. i explained to him  the map and said it was incorrect. I also requested him to raise a question in Lok Sabha about it. I do not know whether he raised the question or not but the same map was published in TIME magazine in 2003. i went to the office of TIME magazine at PTI Building, Sansad Marg, New Delhi and lodged a protest letter. But TIME did not stop publishing it. I finally went to the President of India and filed a memorandum at Rashtrapati Bhavan. I received a reply that my memo had been forwarded to the Home Ministry. Now that map has also been published in `Organiser' which is said to be the mouthpiece of  RSS. Does it mean that RSS has surrendered before the imperialist forces which want to divide Kashmir? Pakistan and China have shared PoK like two thieves sharing a booty.

With regards,

Amrit Lal Rawal, Asociate Professor (Retd.),

3/26, FF, East Patel Nagar, New Delhi 110008


April 2017


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