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Apr 2015

 Former Chairman of Press Club of India, Justice Markhandey Katju has declared that Mahatma Gandhi was a British agent. Elaborating his stand he wrote….the British policy was of divide and rule. By constantly injecting religion into politics continuously for several decades, Gandhi furthered the British policy of divide and rule. Historical facts do not support Justice Markandey's claim. In 1947, Gandhi went on fast unto death on the issue of non-payment of Rs.55 crores to Pakistan. Earlier, Jinnah and seven other eminent Muslim League leaders had suggested an exchange of population between Pakistan and Hindustan. Gandhi rejected the proposal outright. Had there been an exchange of population, Hindu-Muslim issues of today would have been a thing of the past?

In 1931 at the Round Table Conference in London, Gandhi had told Ramsay MacDonald, the British Premier that Congress represented everyone in India. Maulana Mohammed Ali, a dear friend of Gandhi vehemently rejected the same.

Moreover Gandhi had spearheaded the Khilafat Movement in 1920. The movement was pan-Islamic and aimed at the restoration of the Sultan on the throne of Turkey. In 1924 however, Kemal Attaturk abolished the Caliphate and expelled the Sultan from Turkey. The restoration of Caliphate, according to Gandhi, amounted to the achievement of Swaraj. The failure of the movement in India led to Malabar riots in Kerala. The Muslim community in India felt betrayed. Thousands of Hindus were converted to Islam and Hindu women were raped and butchered. Gandhi, however, called the Moplahs as brave Muslims. Mrs. Annie Besant, President of the Congress blamed Gandhi for the butchery of the Hindus.

V.P. Menon, a leading advisor to GoI, observed that Gandhi lived for Muslims and eventually died for them.  Gandhi was a Hindu only in name but a Muslim at heart.


President Hussein (Mu) Barack Obama was born a Muslim. India has already given up one third of its land for the sake of a Muslim homeland, namely PAKISTAN. What more can any Muslim expect of India? In any case, what India does surely is no business of an American. In short, Mr. Obama kindly mind your own business.


November 2017


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