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Mar 2015

The advent of the English reduced the Muslims to the status of an ordinary subject of the crown. The Hindus were freed from the oppressive rule of the Muslims gradually, all over the subcontinent.  The British provided the necessary infrastructure for the development of Indian citizens. Hindus took the maximum advantage of the policy framework. Even though Hindus got new masters, there was a vast improvement in their status compared to the humiliation they had suffered during the Muslim rule of several centuries. The Indian leaders who later demanded freedom from the English rule were all the product of western education and English liberalism.  India was freed in 1947.

HINDUS IN INDEPENDENT INDIA :  Gandhiji and Jawaharlal Nehru are the two leaders responsible for reducing the Hindus to second class in Independent India. Future generations will never forgive them for their anti-national acts. Qaid-e-Azam Jinnah fought for the Muslim community through his political career whereas Gandhi and Nehru did everything in their power to destroy the Hindu identity. In the general elections held in 1945-46, under the British rule, Muslims of India had overwhelmingly voted for the creation of Pakistan and Pakistan they got in 1947.  

Why were then Muslims allowed to stay on in India as citizens after 1947? Who can justify this fraud perpetrated by Gandhi and Nehru on the Hindus of India?  Who can justify the provision of separate Fundamental Rights (Article 25 to Article 30) for Muslims in the Indian Constitution after a separate homeland had been conceded to the Muslims? Who can justify the existence of Waqfs in India when it is a well known that waqfs were created by Muslim rulers by confiscating Hindu lands and properties? Are these waqfs more sacrosanct than the Princely States, Jagirdaris and Zamidaris which were abolished on the morrow of Independence? Who can justify the existence of Aligarh Muslim University which by all accounts had played a vital role in the creation of Pakistan? Who can justify the creation of separate Ministry of Minority Affairs, (an euphemism for Muslims)? the community responsible for the division of India in 1947.  The list is endless. These discriminatory provisions and practices have reduced the Hindus to second class people in their own homeland.


November 2017


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