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The Making of Exile
Jan 2015

Sindhi Hindus and the Partition of  India by Nandita Bhavnani is a volume that deserves to be read by every Indian who is interested in understanding the pangs of Partition. In the Introduction to the book itself Ms Bhavnani says that it is a book on the long term effects of Partition on Sindhis. Dr. Ashis Nandy in his foreword points out that the book stands out for two reasons: First, she does not try to locate the experienced loss of a homeland and the enforced endless journey into exile in the politics of Partition and the institutional and social fault lines that framed them. We already have had a surfeit of such political histories and memoirs in the last 65 years. Secondly, the volume highlights the associated fears, resilience, hopes and self confidence of the Sindhi Hindus.

The fact of the matter is that of the present population of Hindus in Pakistan, some 80 per cent are in the Sindh province. Pakistani newspapers frequently carry news about the abduction and conversion of Hindu women to Islam. The net result is that those Sindhi Hindus who come to India on the pretext of visiting religious places or their relatives are not willing to go back to Pakistan. Thousands of families of Sindhis are now spread in different parts of Delhi waiting for the grant of citizenship.  



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