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It is indeed a sad day for Hindutva in general and for the ideology...
Prafull Goradia
Jan 2015

It is indeed a sad day for Hindutva in general and for the  ideology in Tamilnadu in particular that Mr. V. Sundaram has passed away. At 72 he could have waited for some more years to propagate the Hindu cause. Especially since there are not many learned sympathizers of the cause, particularly in Tamilnadu. Perhaps his lady wife's departure from this world was an unbearable blow for him. 

I knew Mr. Sundaram with the help of two long visits to his house as well as several long telephonic conversations, not to speak of correspondence. He always came through as a man of integrity who had on the back of his one palm all about Hindutva and on the back of the other palm knowledge and more knowledge about great many subjects. His stock of books is rare and enormous. Quite unique is his live recording of speeches going back to the early decades of the 20th century. Rt. Hon. Srinivasa Sastri, the silver tongued orator, Sir Winston Churchill and President Kennedy are the voices that I heard at his house. 

It is in the fitness of things that such an upright and enlightened soul should be awarded mukti by the Almighty; he so much desired. 



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