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Reader's Write
"Ab ye Mughalkalin Naam badlne chahiye"
Dec 2014

The Editor,
Jana Sangh Today
4, Ferozegandhi Road,
New Delhi-110003


This is with reference to the article ‘Ab ye Mughalkalin Naam badlne chahiye’  (Hindi), Jansangh Today, Sept. 2014. I have been feeling for a long time that the name of Ferozeshah Road should be changed to Mangal Pandey Marg Ferozeshah was a cruel ruler who burut a Brahmin alive merely because he was doing worship in a corner of the road. He was not converting anyone to Hindu faith. Similarly the name of Aurangzeb Road should be changed to Dalhousie Road because Dalhousie removed the mughal tyrranny in 1857 and later. The first of Independence was fortunately lost to the British. If the so-called war of independence had been won the fascist Mughal rule would have returned. Lord Dalhousie cobbled India together and made it a united and cohesive country. Before that all hindu rulers and Nawabs used to fight with each other on petty grounds. Hindu soldier were killed on both the sides. Therefore Hindu Rajas and Nawabs are the real killers of the Hindus. The work of lord Dalhousie was completed by Sardar Patel. If the war of 1857 had been won by Indians then the wish of the likes of Asan Khan, the Samajwadi Party leader would have been fulfilled. He recently said that India would have become a free country in 1857 if the Nawab of Rampur had not joined the British forces at the nick of time. If it had happened then the Mughal fascist rule would have returned with a ferocious seal and India would have witnessed another round of anti-Hindu feuds.

Mani Shankar Ayer said at a seminar at India International Centre a few years ago that he get the name of Veer Savarkar erased from the cellular Jail because he did not feel it was necessary. Secular bigets like him have done harm to secularism. The name of Veer Savarkar should be restored at the cellular Jail.

1857 marks the end of fascist Mughal rule. All the buildings of the era are garage of history and should be removed because they are an eye-sore. If the statutes of victoria and other British kings can be removed from British era monument then the Mughal era buildings with remind us of slavery should also be removed. Garbage of history should not offend future Hindus.

With regards,
Yours faithfully,

A.L. Rawal
Associate Professor (Retd.)
3/26, FF, East Patel Nagar, New Delhi-110008
Ph : 9013812896 



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