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Modi Govt. Doing Nothing To Rein In Hate Mongers : Fali S Nariman
K.R. Phanda
Dec 2014

Dear Mr. Nariman,

I refer to your speech at the National Commission for Minorities delivered on 12th September, 2014. Sir,  you are a gentleman, an extraordinarily successful advocate and also possess several other virtues. Apart from being a Parsi by religion, you are also not in politics. Why then are you exposing your fair community in what essentially is Hindu Muslim politics?

Do you realize that the per capita contribution of the Parsi community to the GDP is much higher than that of the average of any other community? All Indians are proud of this achievement.

It is believed that most Parsis living in Gujarat and some also in Mumbai voted for the BJP.  No doubt,  you have every right to express your own views but please spare your community from getting involved in this unfortunate politics.

Do you also realize that we would not have the privilege of your judicial services to the nation but for the cruelty and oppression of those Islamic invaders who vandalized Iran in the early centuries? They also destroyed the Zoroastrian religion, one of the greatest spiritual contribution to mankind. But for these tragic events your forefathers would not have come away in the Dhows and landed in Sanjan.  

The Hindus of Sanjan welcomed your arrival.  Remember that your forefathers won over the Raja of Sanjan by adding a spoon of sugar to the full cup of milk that he sent to the Dhows. Your leaders thus commented that the Parsis will only add sugar to the national life of India. The Parsis have kept their promise and have always been very sweet to the country.

We therefore request you not to assume the burden of replacing the spoon of sugar with a dose of poison by speaking at a Muslim platform.

Coming to history, do you know that Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah along with 7 other Muslim leaders insisted on an exchange of population right through 1946 and early 1947?  They wanted all Muslims to transfer to their new homeland called Pakistan. They wanted to dispatch all Hindus as well as Christians of Pakistan to Hindustan.  They  kept their side of the promise. Sir Feroze Khan Noon, later prime minister, said that unless an exchange took place he would ensure the re-enactment of the orgies of Changez Khan and Halaqu Khan, on the 8th of April 1946 while addressing the Muslim League MLAs. He certainly kept his promise  

Then what did Hindustan do?  They continued to host the Muslims who stayed back in Hindustan and when the elections came in 1952 ensured that the they were pampered.  Again and again, more and more.  Remember that no other minority (whom you bunch together) has had any benefit of such pampering. Certainly not the Parsis.

(K.R. Phanda)


November 2017


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