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Pak Hindus Protest Order to Raze Temple
Oct 2014

We presume that Pakistan would endorse the demolition of a masjid or a Muslim shrine in India.  If a Mandir can be demolished so casually by Islamabad, why not a masjid in, say, Mathura which is sitting on top of the birth place of Lord Krishna.

Or, the Gyanavapi masjid that stands on the site of the previous Kashi Vishwanath Temple at Benaras.

President Barack Obama denounced Islamic State (Isis) militants for murdering an American journalist in retaliation for US air strikes in Iraq, vowing no let-up in the campaign in Iraq and calling on American allies to united against the group.

Showing an anger he has rarely displayed in remarks about the Iraq conflict, Obama denounced the beheading of James Foley as appalling, “No just god would stand for what they did yesterday and every single day,” Obama said Wednesday in brief remarks from Edgerton, Massachusetts, where he is vacationing. 

Hours after US intelligence authenticated a gruesome Isis videotape showing the murder of Foley, an act committed with the goal of deterring future US strikes on Isis, Obama said that Isis “has no place in the 21st century,” and called on allies to help defeat a “cancer so it does not spread.” 

He said that “governments and peoples across the Middle East” must launch a “common effort to extract this cancer, so that it does not spread,” rather than committing to a new course of action himself. 

But Obama’s secretary of state, John Kerry, appeared prepared to make that commitment, saying bluntly that Isis “must be destroyed.” 


November 2017


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