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Conflict Of Civilisations?
Oct 2014

It has been repeatedly pointed out by western political commentators that the Muslim politics is well grounded in theology and deeply-rooted in injunctions. The entire spectrum of political Islam is based on a theory of blind moral victimhood which offers them justification for terrorism everywhere in the world including India. 

There have been an unending number of instances when fatwas preached violence against Hindus and others on the pretext of their faith being supposedly threatened by them. Their own perception of blasphemous slur can spark and played on the entire world media and a strange neurosis can send shock-waves amongst our political and secular intellectuals who became blind and impervious to reason. 

The recent cry for females’ genital mutilation by several sects in Iraq or what happens in Burma can stoke fires in our, polity. We had kept thus fact under wraps when even in the Western nations there are books on this subject. The recent aecision of ISIS ordering mutilation of women between age 11 and up to 46 has surprisingly not invited marches by female rights group across the world and India which on slightest indignity heaped on women take out candle marches in droves. They pretend to be deaf and would never comment on their direct or indirect provocative call which lay the infidels and demons! America and Hindu dominated India!

Truly speaking nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear. Those who knowingly subvert the judicial system and support terrorists in any subtle manner either by diverting the line of enquiry or fudging up the facts are enemies of nation. Sometimes in order to slur the main anti-national crime of violence, they harp on some smaller offence like ticketless travelling or unauthorized entry at airport or railway station or drunkenness, unintended hoax calls for fun etc. Not only politicians but even respected English newspapers have also been doing it in their long winding campaign for make-over of already discredited towns of Azamgarh, Chhapra, Badaun or Muzaffarnagar etc. This is not a fledging or novice crimeprotection or props but an  industry in which some editors and legal luminaries to either blacken anybody’s face who would nor help in trying to exonerate tainted sharks. We must speak out because it is never too late to give up your prejudices. A case for proud Hindus - is an idea which was generated centuries back but its time has come surprisingly for assertion today. Preconceived nations of conceit of secuiarists displayed far too long are the locks on the door to wisdom. Let them unlock right now with no collective guilt feeling which is often exhibited in our society. 

What we see around that whether they are distant villages of the serene beautiful Gurej valley at the upper edge of the Northern Kashmir near the line of control or distant outlying districts in Assam, Kerala or Andhra and UP or Bihar an event in Balestine or Burma can spark an unimaginable row which can far, the flame by a bunch of individuals and non-descript Muslim organizations. 

Even the rumblings of Army vehicles, barbed wired boundaries and the pitter-patter of artillery released by practice drills or what is often described by media as the most militarized and exploive border in the world cannot deter the local Muslims in protesting in support of Palestinians or Muslims in Burma or Sri Lanka or elsewhere. Recently the magic of separation polities against distant Governments of Israel and obviously its benefactors like America, the demons for atrocities to deliver their furious sermons, about Jewish conspirators engaged in undermining and defaming their faith and remind the faithful that they belong to global brotherhood of Muslims called Umma. This provocation or demand of pro-independence out fit of the literally. Hurriyat conference or Moh. Hafiz Saudi’s organizations silences. Our English media as they still attempt to discover strands of secularism in their outbursts. They equate Kashmir with Palestine and misusing the terms “genocide” brazenly that they allege was being commities ooth by India and Israel against innocent Muslims. 

A question arises why there were no riots in Kashmir valley against atrocities and war crimes being committed against Muslims in Syria or Egypt or Iraq where the children deaths and human rights abuses were these. Even our English media would pretend ignorance. Oppression, mass killing against non-Muslirns whether Israeli, Coptic and Aramaic. Christians, Shias, Kurds or Hindus areegnorent India's occupation of Kashmir becomes the only issue. Syrian President Assad or the Islamic state of Iraq or Syria are never listed as war-criminals or Nazi mind-set states. 

Indian public demands an explanation to this and this will never stop till these contradictions or double-dealing of secularist stops. No semantics will ever be acceptable in justification of hate and violence. Simply covering up every disturbance in India by dubbing it Pakistan-sponsored Jihad is a bullshit of our secularists to absolve home-grown terrorists. Besides at frequent intervals, an exercise of spotting Pakistani liberals and parading them in media in this form of PR exercise also must stop. 

The question remains unanswered : whether radical Islam could be a threat to civilization in foreseeable future or waiting for changes in demography of various countries. 

Hari Krishna Nigam
A/1002, Panchsheel Heights,
Sector-5, Mahavir Nagar,
Kandiwali (W) Mumbai-67


November 2017


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