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Reader's Write
Letter To The Editor
Jun 2014

The latest issue of your esteemed journal is again an eye-opener. But the Hindus alas! do not open their window to see the reality stark and stunning around them. They are being discriminated against in their own country. They are not allowed to speak even if attacked. At the time of Delhi bomb blasts of 2008 a talk show was held at NDTV. The present press adviser to the PM was the anchor. I used harsh words for the violent attacks and the perpetrators of the crime. Mr. Rashid Alvi, Congress MP, was also present. He threatened to leave even before the programme could begin. The anchor asked me to keep quiet. The floor manager of the studio, a girl, also asked me not to shout. 

Secularism sells. If a Hindu takes up the cause of the Hindus and takes a reasoned stand he is immediately dubbed as communal. But if he falsely accuses Hindus he is considered secular. The very character and meaning of secularism has changed in India. Being a nationalist is considered to be communal. But being anti-Hindu is considered secular. 

Amrit Lal Rawal 
Associate Professor, 
Delhi University.


April 2017


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