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Reader's Write
Letter To The Editor
Feb 2014

This refers to the editorials, “riots” and other articles published in the December 2013 issue of Jana Sangh Today. Thanks for enlightening that the first recorded Hindu-Muslim riot was in 1809. The editorial clarified as to how Hindus were incapable of rioting under oppressive Muslim rule and according to Dharma, Hindus respected every human being including Muslims. Mahatma Gandhi clearly misled Hindus by his statements whether on Kohat or Moplah riots. Secularists, instead of trying to cure the symptoms, they should go to the roots. Ask the world view of Islam. It wants to conquer the world and unfurl its crescent all over. Does Islam respect other faiths viz., Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism etc? The answer to this kind of behaviour is simple. Islam claims supermacy for itself which other groups must recognise and respect that too with meek submission.

SC Panda, 1/2 HIG BDA Colony, CSpur, Bhubaneswar


November 2017


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