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History Of Jihadi Terrorism In India (1920-2010)
By Baljit Rai, Ips (Retd), Surya Publications, Chandigarh 2013 (Pages 253)
Sep 2013

The book under review is an eye opener about how Muslim fundamentalists have treated Hindus before and after Partition of India in 1947. Baljit Rai is eminently qualified to write on this subject. Having been born in Pakistan in 1928, he had seen with his own eyes the atrocities committed on Hindus during the period of migration of Hindus to India. After coming to India, he completed his Master's degree in History in 1951 from the University of Delhi. Thereafter, he joined the Indian Police Service (IPS) in 1954. Others prominent Hindus who have eloquently written on the subject include:  Justice G. D. Khosla and Pradeep Kishen. Justice Khosla belonged to the Indian Civil Service (ICS) and Pradeep Kishen is one of those young men who joined the first batch of the Indian Administrative Service, the Indian successor  part of the ICS.

Rai's book is largely a collection of excerpts from the writings of well known authors who have written on the genesis of Partition, actual happenings thereunder and their aftermath. In the process, Shri Rai has also extensively given his own perspective on each of the views expressed by different writers. The volume mainly deals with Jihad. Jihad literally means an effort. The Dictionary of Islam by Thomas Patrick Hughes (London, 1885) defines Jihad as ; A religious war with those who are unbelievers in the mission of Muhammad.  It is an incumbent duty, established  in the Quran and in the Hadith as a divine institution and enjoined especially for the  purpose of advancing Islam… In this context, Professor Bernard Lewis, a well known Western scholar of Islam says: It was a Muslim duty-collective in attack, individual in defense to fight in the war against the unbelievers. In principle, this was to continue until all mankind either embraced Islam or submitted to the authority of the Muslim state. Until this purpose was achieved there could theoretically be no peace.

What has been going on in India since the establishment of Muslim rule in India in 1206 is nothing but jihad is one form or the other. Muslims of the subcontinent had insisted on the Partition of India because they had made it clear to both the British rulers and the Congress leadership that Muslims could not co-exist with the Hindus. For the achievement of their objective,  Muslim League had resorted to Direct Action in August, 1946 at Calcutta. The period between 1920 and 1946 had seen innumerable Muslim attacks all over undivided India.  Gandhiji was asked during the course of the Round Table Conference in London in 1931 about the continuance of the Hindu-Muslim conflicts in India. His cryptic reply was that these communal conflicts would cease once the British leave India. The irony is that these conflicts continue to occur even after 60 years of the vivisection of the country.

After Independence, a concerted effort has been made by Aligarh educated historians that Partition took place because Jawaharlal Nehru had not fulfilled the promises made to the Muslim League. He is also blamed for having rejected the proposals made of Cabinet Mission.   Had he agreed, there would have been no partition. The irony of it all is that the Congress had agreed to the vivisection on the ground that this would put an end to civil war. The civil war still continues.

Shri Rai's book deals with all such happenings and with how the crypto Muslims continue to play the game of hide and seek when confronted with facts and figures.


April 2017


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