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Letter From M. A. Jinnah September 23, 1944
M. A. Jinnah
Aug 2013


1 am in receipt of your letter of September 22 and thank you-for it. I am sorry that you think 1 have summarily rejected the idea of common interest between two arms, and now you put it somewhat differently from 15(a), when you say there will be no feeling of security by the people of India without a recognition of the natural and mutual obligations arising out of physical contiguity. My answer, already given, is that it will be for the constitution-making body of Pakistan and that of Hindustan, or any other party concerned, to deal with such matters on the footing of their being two independent States. 

I am really surprised when you say there is no proof of what you characterize as a sweeping statement of mine, that the August 1942 Resolution inimical to the ideals and demands of Muslim India. The Resolution in its essence is as follows: 

(a) Immediate grant of Complete Independence [and] setting up immediately of a Federal Central Government on the basis of a united, democratic Government of India with federated units or Provinces, which means establishing a Hindu Raj. 

(b) That this National Government so set up will evolve a scheme for a Constituent Assembly, which will be chosen by adult franchise, which will prepare a constitution for the Government of India, which means that the Constituent Assemhly chosen will be composed of an overwhelming majority of the Hindus, nearly 75 percent. 

(c) To enforce this demand of the Congress the August Resolution decides on and sanctions a resort to mass civil disobedience at your command and when ordered by you as the sole Dictator of the Congress. 

This demand is basically and fundamentally opposed to the ideals and demands of Muslim India of Pakistan, as embodied in th.e Lahore Resolution, and to enforce such a demand by means of resort to mass civil disobedience is inimical to the ideals and demands of Muslim India, and if you succeed in realizing this demand it would be a death-blow to Muslim India. I see from the correspondence and talks between you and me that you are still holding fast to this fateful resolution. 

From the very first day of our talks,you made it clear to me, and you have repeatedly said in the course of our correspondence and talks that you have approached me in your individual capacity, and you assured me that you were a seeker of light and knowledge and that you seriously and earnestly wanted to understand the Lahore Resolution and were open to conviction and conversion. Therefore, in deference to your wishes I made every efffort all these days and in the course of our prolonged talks and correspondence to convert you, but unfortunately it seems I have failed. And now you have made new suggestions and proposals by your letter under reply. 

1. You say, “I have, therefore, suggested a way out. Let it be a partition as between two brothers, if a division there must be”. I really do not know what this means, and I would like you to elaborate this proposal and give me some rough outlines of this new idea of yours, as to how and when the division is to take place, and in what way it is different from the division envisaged by the Lahore Resolution. 

2. You say, “Let us call a third party or parties to guide or even arbitrate between us”. May I point out that you have repeatedly made clear to me that you are having these talks as an individual seeker? How can any question of a third party or parties to guide or arbitrate between us arise. 

Yours sincerely 



November 2017


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