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Reader's Write
Letter To The Editor
Feb 2013

20/12/2012, Kharsang

The Editor


It is my 2nd letter to you (as one I mailed on 16/10/2012) regarding the dispatching of one more edition of September, 2010 that contains the statement of M.A. Jinnah in 1946 when Mr. Jinnah asked, before the Cabinet Mission, arrived in India from London, for the partition of our dear 'Bharat Mata'.

Sir, as a teacher in Political Science, I want to know more than ever before on the political motives of Mr. Jinnah, Communists and the Congress (particularly Shri J. L. Nehru). 

Now a days, most of the medias have gone in appeasing the Muslim fundamentalism that keeps the nation in danger and the Hindus-the Majority gets victimized. Magazines like The Organizer, Jana Sangh Today, BJP Today are right in emphasizing the national agenda and ideologies based on social harmony and national integration.

Lastly, I wish that my letter would not go in vain.

Sincerely yours
(G.K. Srivastava)
P.O. Khansang, PIN - 792122
Dist-Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh


April 2017


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