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Reader's Write
Letter To The Editor
Jan 2012

The brutal and planned killing of four Hindu doctors in Sindh province in Pakistan on the occasion of Birthday of L.K. Advani not only deserves condemnation from all corners but it throws light upon the plight of minority in Pakistan. While our Hindu brethern are butchered in Pakistan, we are trying to placate Muslims in Kashmir and elsewhere in country. The U.P.A. govt. is spending our scarce resources and taxpayers money for the well being and comfortable living of Islamic fundamentalists. One fails to understand as to why our important leaders fail to raise voice in support of Hindus. Their number is being reduced everyday by conversion, torture and killing after Independence. The whole world must understand that Islam doesn't believe in peaceful co-existance with other religions.

Vijay Krishna Prakash
Mohalla-Kanhimal, Mahajantoli
P.O. - Hajipur, Dist.-Vaishali Pin- 844101 (Bihar)

Please save the Hindu spiritual places and birthplaces of Hindu stalwarts. Varanasi is one of the foremost religious places of the Hindus. It has a substantial number of Muslims. Similarly, the birthplace of Shankar Dev in Assam has got a considerable Muslim population. All sorts of Jihadis, are active in these places to destroy the religious places/centres of Hindus. In order to protect them, these places like Mecca and Medina should be out of bound to non-Hindus. 

In contrast, Hindus in Bangaldesh and Pakistan are being subjected to all kinds of atrocities everyday. Cases of looting, upduction and conversions are being reported in the newspapers of those countries. The Government of India have not taken any effective action in this regard. On the other hand the Muslim population is increasing at a fast pace in India. The Government of India is completely indifferent to the population explosion. No amount of development would counter the adverse effect of increasing population in the country.

Yours faithfully
Chandra Nath Sarkar


November 2017


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