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Reader's Write
Letter To The Editor
Oct 2011

A complete and abject surrender by Govt. of India before Pakistan Governmemt in the name of encouraging cordial relations between two countries have pushed our national diguity to the brink. The general feeling of  nationalists have found voice through your writings but our corrupt and impotent top leadership who refused to understand the woes of our citizens, who have lost their kith and kin in terrorist activities and everytime our compromising leadership who are accustomed to high security and comfortable living have confirmed the world opinion about us as �Banana Republic� as our rulars are ready to sell our nation in the name of image building. On the other hand Pakistani leadership has always proved their political acumen. Our present government owe an explaination for its misdeeds. The only solition we have against that country is adopting a policy of zero tolrance against teroorist acts.

Vijay Krishna Prakash

Karimal Mahajantoli

P.O. Hajipur, Dist.-Vaishali


November 2017


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