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Letters To The Editor
Feb 2011
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Dear Sir,

With reference to your reply to Syed Shahabuddin�s letter JS Today, December, 2010) I want to point out that he is objecting to the various issues raised by your journal. But has he ever condamned the violence against Hinus in Deganga, W. Bengal or elsewhere? He is a victim of the hangover of the Islamic imperialist rule over this country for over 800 years. Even a common Muslim, like a painter, a plumber, a shopkeeper, a waiter in a restaurant, a machine-man attending a printing press, a book-binder, a TSR driver, all suf'fer from this hangover. They consider it beneath their dignity to talk to a non-Muslim with politeness which they boast of being a part ot their culture. They treat their Hindu clients as inferior people who deserve no respect. This is my experience.

As regards Jamia Millia I want to say that it is a den of Jammat-e-Islami. A Professor in Persian or Jamia married a Hindu professor or JNU during the late seventies. She was called by the VC of Jamia and asked to resgn. The VC told her that Jamaat-e-Islami was at his threat because she had married a Hindu. If she did not resign he would be removed. She had to leave she used to write articles for my Journal. Third World Calling during 1980s. AIDWA, a Marxist outfit, did not raise, its voice then. But when a Hindu is in the wrong they protest vociferously. They are puppets of CPM which deserves to be drowned in the Bay of Bengal. Regards.

Yours faithfully,

A.L. Rawal
48/12, E. Patel Nagar, New Delhi-8

Chandra Nath Sarkar,
PO, Garia, Kolkata-84.

Dear Sir,
Please save the Hindus of West Bengal. We are on the verge of collapse. 34 years of misrule by the L.F. Govt. have broken the backbone of the Hindus. Communists are the main enemy of the Hindus, India, Kerala, W.B. have already come under the clutches of the Islamists and evangelists. Tripura, another L.F. rule Govt. is going towards Kerala, W.B. way.

Being an average person I felt the heat of Islamists in 1977 and 1979 on General Haq and Khomeini coming to power.

I feel pain when I see that French, US.A. and U.K. are paying lip service against terrorists and encouraging Muslim migration and safe haven for the last 35 years.


November 2017


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