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Professor Balraj Madhok Completed 91
Apr 2010

Prof. Balraj Madhok was born on February 25, 1920 at Askardu in Baltistan across the Himalayas, situated on
the banks of the Sindhu (Indus), and spent his early childhood in Jallen in Gujranwala district of West Punjab
thereafter went to Srinagar and then to Prince of Wales College, Jammu in 1936 and finally joined D.A.V. College, Lahore for higher education. He was awarded a gold medal and a scholarship for B.A. Honours in History examination in 1940. During that period he came in contact with Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) and became its whole time worker in 1942.

He played a key role in preparing the ground for accession of the state to India and defence of Srinagar from Pak invaders and agents in crucial days.

Madhok came into contact with Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee and prepared the ground for the formation of Bhartiya Jana Sangh. He wrote its manifesto and acted as a convener of the foundation convention of Bhartiya Jana Sangh held at New Delhi on 21st October 1951. He was appointed National Secretary of Jana Sangh and later rose to be the President of the Party.


April 2017


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