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April 2017




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There was no immigration of Muslims from Bengal into Assam until the East India Company captured Assam during the Anglo-Burmese War of 1824/26.

Editorial Editorial
Unfinished Agenda of Partition One Country More Nations Again ?
Abolis Minority Concept Editorial

 Reader's Write
Defining The Minority Don't Fall Prey To Communal Instigation
The refugees had come from a highly developed civilisation The dismal performance of the Congress Party
The dismal performance of the Congress Party in the recent election... "Ab ye Mughalkalin Naam badlne chahiye"
Conflict Of Civilisations? Letter To The Editor

Pew Research Puts Islam As Most Popular Religion By’ 70 The Destruction Of Mecca
Islamist Terrorism Biggest Test For Germany, Say Merkel Muslims Banned In China
Exchange of Populations 'France Open to Ban on Foreign Funds to Mosques'
Allahabad School 'Bans' National Anthem; Principal, 7 Teachers Quit Migration of Hindus from Kairana (UP)

Pakistan 'Kills 100 Militants' After In Sufi Shrine

Are Hindu Leaders Ghaddars?

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