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Unfinished Agenda

11. Financial Resources

More important than the question of a scientific is the factor of resources. If resources are ample for necessary equipment, then it is always possible to overcome the difficulties created by an unscientific or a weak frontier. We must. therefore, consider the comparative resources of Pakistan and Hindustan. The following figures are intended to convey an idea of their comparative position.

Resources of Pakistan

Provinces Area Population Revenue* Rs

N.W.F.P 13,518 2,425,003 1,90,11,842
Punjab 91,919 23,551,210 12,53,87,730
Sind 46,378 3,887,070 9,56,76,269
Baluchistan 54,228 420,648 -
Bengal 82,955 50,000,000 36,55,62,485
Total 288,998 80,283,931 60,56,38,326

* Revenues include revenue raised both by provincial governments in the provinces from provincial sources and by the central government from central revenues.

Resources of Hindustan

Provinces Area Population Revenue* Rs

Ajmer-Merwara 2,711 560,292 21,00,000
Assam 55,014 8,622,251 4,46,04,441
Bihar 69,348 32,371,434 6,78,21,588
Bombay 77,271 18,000,000 34,98,03,800
C.P.&Berar 99,957 15,507,723 4,58,83,962
Coorg 1,593 163,327 11,00,000
Delhi 573 636,246 70,00,000
Madras 142,277 46,000,000 25,66,71,265
Orissa 32,695 8,043,681 87,67,269
U.P. 206,248 48,408,763* 16,85,52,881
Total 607,657 178,5513,919 96,24,05,206

* Pre-world war II figures

These are gross figures. are subject to certain additions and deductions. Revenues derived by the central government from the railways, currency and post and telegraphs are not included in these figures, as it is not possible to ascertain how much is raised from each province. When it is done, certain additions will have to be made to the figures under revenue. There can be no doubt that the share from these heads of revenue that will come to Hindustan, will be much larger than the share that will go to Pakistan. Most of the deductions will fall to the lot of Pakistan. As will be shown later, some portion of the Punjab will have to be excluded from the scheme of western Pakistan. Similarly, some portion of Bengal will have to be excluded from the proposed eastern Pakistan, although a district from Assam will have to be added to it. According to me, fifteen districts will have to be excluded from Bengal and thirteen from the Punjab. Sufficient data are not available to enable any one to give an exact idea of what would be the reduction in the area, population and revenue, that would result from the exclusion of these districts. One may, however. hazard the guess that so far as Punjab and Bengal are concerned, their revenues would be halved. What is lost by Pakistan by this exclusion. , will be gained by Hindustan. To put it in concrete terms, while, the revenues of western and eastern Pakistan will be 60 crore minus 24 crore or a nett 36 crore, the revenues of Hindustan will be about 96 crores plus 24 crore or a total 120 crore.

The study of the figures in the light of these observations will show that the resources of Hindustan are far greater than those of Pakistan. whether one considers the question in terms of area, population or revenue. There need, therefore, be no apprehension on the score of resources. The creation of Pakistan will not leave Hindustan in a weakened condition.

Unfinished Agenda
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