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Unfinished Agenda

9. Ambedhar on Partition

The Muslim League officially resolved to demand partition on 23 March 1940. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar soon set about thinking through the ramifications of creating Pakistan. The author of this book has not come across anyone who thought so quickly, so thoroughly, or so sincerely about the security of Hindus.What he wrote gives an insight into what he thought of partition six or seven years before it took place. And how remarkably right he was. Had we listened to him, India would not have suffered.

By 1941, Dr. Ambedkar's detailed work entitled Pakistan or the Partition of India was on shopshelves. By 1946, a third edition had been published. Much later in 1990, the book was reprinted as part of Ambedkar's complete works by the Government of Maharashtra. It formed Volume 8 of the comprehensive publication

The chapters in this book largely consist of extracts from that book.Dr. Ambedkar was one of the few people who recommended partition for the sake of Hindu safety and Hindustan's military security. He however insisted on the bifurcation of Bengal and Punjab so that most Hindus of those provinces could stay with Hindustan without having to move or migrate. The chapters retain the flavour of the foresight and do not read like pieces of history.

Apart from the inevitable vivisection of territory, he strongly advocated an exchange of population. The Muslims on the Indian side were to emigrate to Pakistan and non-Muslims from Pak territory were to come away to this side of the border. Dr. Ambedkar did not consider the transfer of population unduly difficult and quoted the precedents of Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.

How will the creation of Pakistan affect the defence of Hindustan? asked Babasaheb from the viewpoints of frontiers, of resources, of the armed forces, of communal peace, of redrawing of boundaries.

Unfinished Agenda
Prafull Goradia
1. Why Transfer Population?
10. Frontiers
11. Financial Resources
12. Armed Forces
13. Pakistan and Communal Peace
14. Redrawing Boundaries
2. Unfinished Agenda of Partition
23. Two Nation Theory
24. Ethnic Cleansing by Pakistan
25. Get Out of Bangladesh
26. Population Transfer Between Greece and Turkey
3. Betrayal
4. Hindu Muslim Gulf
5. Theological Genesis of Separatism
6. Medieval Experience
7. Subcontinental Ummah is One
8. Separate Homeland For All Muslims
9. Ambedhar on Partition

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