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The Ancient and Historical Monuments and
Arch/Eological Sites and Remains
(Declaration of National Importance) Act, 1951.
No. LXXI OF 1951

2. Annexure II

An Act to declare certain ancient and historical monuments and archaeological sites and remains in Part A States and Part D States to be of national importance and to provide for certain matters connected therewith.

[28th November. 1951]

Be it enacted by Parliament as follows:-

1. Short title.- This Act may be called the Ancient and Historical Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains (Declaration of National Importance) Act,1951.

2. Declaration of certain monuments and archaeological sites and remains to be of national importance. - The ancient and historical monuments referred to or specified in Part I of the Schedule and the archaeological sites and remains referred to or specified in Part II thereof are hereby declared, respectively, to be ancient and historical monuments and archeological sites and remains of national importance.

3. Application of Act VII of 1904 to ancient monuments, etc., declared to be of national importance. -All ancient and historical monuments and all archaeological sites and remains declared by this Act to be of national importance shall be deemed to be protected monuments and protected areas, respectively? within the meaning of the Ancient Monuments Preservation Act. 1904, and the provisions of that Act shall apply accordingly to the ancient and historical monuments or archaeological sites and remains, as the case may be, and shall be deemed to have so applied at all relevant times.

The Schedule
(See Section 2)

Ancient and Historical Monuments

1. All ancient and historical monuments in Part A States and Part B States which, before the commencement of this Act, have either been declared by the Central Government, to be protected monuments within the meaning of the Ancient Monuments Preservation Act, 1904. or which have been taken possession of by the Central Government as protected monuments.

II. The following ancient and historical monuments in Part B States not covered by Item No. I immediately preceding -

The Ancient and Historical Montanents and Arch/Eological Sites and Remains (Declaration of National Importance) Act, 1951

S no Name of monument Locality
District Aurangabad
1 Ajanta Caves Ajanta
2 Aurangabad Caves Aurangabad
3 Daulatabad Fort and Monuments therein (c.g. Chand Minar) Daulatabad
4 Ellora Caves Ellora
5 Pithalkhora Caves Pithalkhora
6 Tomb of Aurangzeb Khuldabad
7 Tomb of Malik Ambar Do
8 Tomb of Rabia Daurani (Bibi-ka-Maqbira) Aurangabad

District Bidar

9 Baibomani Tombs Ashtur
10 Barid Shahi Tombs Bidar City
11 Bidar Fort Do
12 Madrasa Mahmud Gawan Do

District Gulbarga

13 Gulbarga Fort and Great Mosque in the Fort Gulbarga
14 Hafth Gumbad Tomb of Firoz Shah Do

District Hyderabad

15 Char Minar Hyderabad city
16 Golconda Fort and Tombs Golconda

District Parbhani

17 Nagnath Temple Aundha

District Raichur

18 Alampur Temples Alampur
19 Mahadev Temple Ittagi

District Warangal

20 Ramappa Temple Palampet
21 Thousand Pillar Temple Hanamkonda
22 Warangal Fort, Defences and Gateways Warangal


District Bhilsa

1 Athakhamba Gyaraspur
2 Bajramath Do
3 Hindola Torana Do
4 Maladevi Temple Gyaraspur
5 Bara Khambi Udaypur
6 Pisnarika Temple Do
7 Udayeshwar Mahadeva Temple Do
8 Bhimagaja Pathari
9 Caves Do
10 Bijamandal Mosque Bhilsa
11 Lohangi Hill Capital Do
12 Caves 1 to 20 Udaygiri
13 Dashavatara Temple Badoh
14 Gadarmal Temple Do
15 Jain Temple Do
16 Sola Khambi Do
17 Khamb Baba (Heliodoras Pillar) Besnagar
18 Brick Temples (Two) Kherst
19 Open Air Museum Do
20 Fort Ater

District Dewas

21 Siddheshwar Temple Nemawan
22 Unfinished Temple Do

District Dhar

23 Adar Gumbaz Mand
24 Alamgir Gate Do
25 Ancient Hindu Baodi Do
26 Ancient Hindu well Do
27 Andheri Baodi Do
28 Ashrafi Mahal Do
29 Baz Bahadur's palace Do
30 Bhagwania Gate Do
31 Bhangi Gate Do
32 Champa Baodi Do
33 Chhapan Mahal Do
34 Chistikhan's Mahal Do
35 Chor Kot Do
36 Chorakot Mosque Do
37 Nabar Jharokha Compound Do
38 Daika Mahal Do
39 Daike Chhote Behen ka Mahal Do
40 Darya Khan's tomb Do
41 Delhi Gate Do
42 Dhanmashalla Do
43 Dilawarkhan's Mosque Do
44 Ek-khamba Mahal Do
45 Gadhasa's Palace Do
46 Gadhasa's shop Do
47 Gadi Dharmaja Do
48 Hammam Do
49 Hathi Gate Do
50 Hathi Mahal Mandu
51 Hindola Mahal Do
52 Hoshang's tomb Do
53 Jahaz Mahal Do
54 Jahangirpur Gate Do
55 Jama Masjid Do
56 Kali Baodi Do
57 Kapoor Talao and the ruins on its banks Do
58 Lal Bag Do
59 Lal Bungalow Do
60 Lohani Caves Do
61 Lohani Gate Do
62 Jail Mahal Do
63 Nahar Jharoka Do
64 Mahmud's tomb Do
65 Malik Moghi's Mosque Do
66 Mosque near Sopi Tanka Do
67 Mosque near Tarapur Gate Do
68 Mosque north-west of Daryakhan's tomb Do
69 Nameless Tomb Do
70 Nameless Tomb Do
71 Nameless Tomb Do
72 Nameless Tomb Do
73 Neelkanth Do
74 Rampol Gate and the Mosque opposite to it Do
75 Royal Palaces Do
76 Rupmati Pavilion Do
77 Caravan Sarai Do
78 Sarai near Daryakhan's Tomb Do
79 Sat Kothari Cave Do
80 Somoti Kund Do
81 Songarh Gate Do
82 Tarapur Gate Do
83 Teveli Mahal Do
84 Tomb and Mosque attached Do
85 Tomb north of Almgir Gate Do
86 Tomb north of Daryakhan's tomb Do
87 Tower of Victory Do
88 Tripolia Gate Do
89 Ujali Baodi Do
90 Water Palace Do
91 Bhoja Shala and Kamal Maula's Mosque Dhar
92 Latki Masjid Do
93 Buddhist Caves I to 7 Bagh
94 Water Palace Sadalpur

District Gwalior

95 Mahadeva Temple Amrol
96 Tila Monument Pawaya
97 Tomb of Mohammad Ghaus Gwalior

District Guna

98 Jain Temples I to 5 Budhi Chander
99 Chanderi Fort and:
Bada Madarasa Chanderi
Battisi Baodi Do
Badal Mahal gateway Do
Jma Masjid Do
Kati Ghati Do
Koshak Mahal Do
Nizam-ud-din's tomb Do
Shahajadi-ka-Roza Do
100 Mohajamata temple Terahi
101 Monastery Do
102 Torana gate Do
103 Monastery Kadwaha
104 Temples 2 to 7 Do

District Gwalior

105 Gwalior fort:
Chaturbhuj temple Gwalior
Mansinghts Palace Do
Rock out Jain colossi Do
Sas Bahu temples Do
Tell ka Mandir Do

District Khargons

106 Ballaleshwar Un
107 Chaubara Dera Do
108 Gupteshwar Do
109 Jain temples I to 3 Do
110 Temples of Mahakaleshwar I and 2 Do
111 Temple of Nilakantheshwar Do

District Mandasor

112 Brahmanical Rockcut temples Dhamnar
113 Buddhist Caves Do
114 Nau Torana temple Khor
115 Yasodharman's Pillars of Victory Sondni

District Murena

116 Ekottarso Mahadeva temple Mitaoli
117 Gadhi Padhavli
118 Kakanmadh temple Suhania
119 Temple Padhavli
120 Temples I to 22 Naresar

District Sivapuri

121 Large Shiva temple Mahua
122 Small Shiva temple Do
123 Monastery Ranod
124 Monastery Surwaya
125 Open air museum Do
126 Shiva temple Do
127 Surwaya Gadhi Do


District Bangalore

1 Apramoyaswami Temple Malur
2 Ashurkhana Doddaballapur
3 Cenotaph Bangalore
4 Old Dungeon Fort and Gates Do.
5 Tipu Sultan's Palace Do.
6 Fort Devanahalli
7 Tipu Sultan's Birthplace Do
8 Syed Ibrahim's Tomb or Bada Makkan Channapatna

District Chitaldrug

9 Akkatangi temple and Asoka inscription on Emmetham mananagundu Siddapur
10 Asoka inscriptions Brahmagiri
11 Fortress and temples on the hill Chitaldrug
12 Hariharesvara temple Harihar
13 Inscription and Jatingi, Rameswar temple Jatingi Ramesvara Hill
14 Santhebagilu and Rangayyanabagilu with preserved bastions Chitaldrug

District Hashan

15 Adinatha Basti Halebid
16 Hoysalesvara temple Do
17 Kedaresvara temple Do
18 Parsvanatha Basti Do
19 Santhinatha Basti Do
20 Akkana Basti Sravanabelgola
21 Chandragupta Basti Do
22 Chavundaraya Basti Do
23 Gomatesvara Do
24 Inscriptions Do
25 Parsvanatha Basti Do
26 Buchesvara temple Koravangala
27 Fort and Dungeons Manjarabad
28 Isvara temple Arsikere
29 Kalyani Hulikere
30 Kesava temple and inscriptions Belur
31 Lakshmidevi temple Doddagaddavalli
32 Lakshminarasimha temple Nuggehalli
33 Sadashiva temple Do
34 Nagesvara and Chennakesava temple Mosale

District Kadur

35 Amritesvara temple Amritapura Amritapura
36 Yupastamtha and Isvara temple Hiremagalur Hiremagalur
37 Vidyasankara temple Sringeri Sringeri
38 Viranarayana temple Belavadi Belavadi

District Kolar

39 Bhoganandisvara temple Nandi Hills
40 Tipu's Palace Do
41 Yoganandisvara temple Do
42 Haidar Ali's Birthplace Budikote
43 Kolaramma temple Kolar
44 Mokhbara (Mausoleum of Hyder Ali's father) Do
45 Somesvara temple Do
46 Ramalingesvara temples and inscriptions Avani

District Mysore

47 Arkesvara temple Hale Alur
48 Gaurisvara temple Yelandur
49 Kesava temple Somanathapur
50 Kirthinarayana temple Talkad
51 Vaidyesvara temple Do
52 Lakshmikanta temple Mullur
53 Mallikarjuna temple Basral
54 Ramesvara temple Narasamangala
55 Sidlu Mallikarjuna temple Bottadapur
56 Srikantesvara temple Nanjangud
57 Sri Vijayanarayana temple Gundlupet

District Mandya

58 Colonel Bailey's Dungeon Seringapatam
59 Daria Daulat Bagh Do
60 Gumbaz containing tomb of Tipu Sultan Do
61 Jumma Masjid Do
62 Obelisk Monuments and Fort walls near the breach Do
63 Spot where Tipu's body was found Do
64 Sri Kanthirava statue in Narasimha temple Do
65 Sri Ranganathasvami temple Do
66 T. Innman's Dungeon Nagamangala
67 Kesava temple Marehalli
68 Lakshminarasimha temple Hosaholalu
69 Lakshmioarayana temple Sindhaghatta
70 Lakshminarayana temple Melkote
71 Narayanasvami temple Melkote
72 Panohakuta Basti Kambadahalli
73 Panchalingesvara temple Govindanahalli
74 Temples Tonnur

District Shimoga

75 Aghoresvara temple Ikkeri
76 Anekal temple Bandalike
77 Somesvara temple Do
78 Trimurthinarayana temple Do
79 Bastis and inscriptions Huncha
80 Bherundersvara temple Belgavi
81 Kedaresvara temple Do
82 Tripurantesvara temple Do
83 Devagana ponds Basavanabyane
84 Fort Chennagiri
85 Fort Kavaledurga
86 Fortress and Renuka temple Chandragutti
87 Inscribed pillar Malavalli
88 Inscribed pillar Talagunda
89 Pranavesvara temple Do
90 Jain basti with Brahmadeva Pillar Melagi
91 Kaitabhesvara temple Kubatur
92 Parsvanatha Basti Do
93 Ramesvara temple Do
94 Mallikarjuna and Ramesvara temple Kadkalsi
95 Musafirkhana and Honda Santhebennur
96 Palace site outside Fort Nagar
97 Ramesvara temple Keladi
98 Ramesvara temple Kudli
99 Shahji's tomb Hodigere
100 Shivappa Naik's fort Nagar
101 Temples and incriptions Udri
102 Ditto Kuppagadde

District Tumkur

103 Channigaraya temple Aralaguppe
104 Fort Madhugiri
105 Jumma Masjid Sira
106 Mallik Rihan Darga Do
107 Kedaresvara temple Nagalapura
108 Onennakesava temple Do



1 Bhatinda fort Bhatinda
District Kondaghat
2 Pinjaur gardens and monuments of Fidai Khan Pinjaur


District Alwar

1 Gumbad Khan-i-Khana Alwar
2 Siva temple Do

District Banswara

3 Neel Kantha Mahadeva's temple Banswara
4 Siva temple and Ruins Arthuna
5 Sun temple Talwara

District Bharatpur

6 Akbar's Chhatri Bayana
7 Ancient Fort with its monuments Do
8 Brahmabad Idgah Do
9 Islan Shah's Gate Do
10 Jahangir's Gateway Do
11 Jhajri Do
12 Lodhi's Minar Do
13 Saraj Sad-ul-lah Do
14 Usha Mandir Do
15 Chaurasi Khamba temple Kaman
16 Colossal image of Yaksha Noh
17 Deeg Bhawans (palace) Deeg
18 Looted Gun Do
19 Marble Jhoola Do
20 Delhi Gate Bharatpur Fort (outside)
21 Fateh Burj near Anah Gate Bharatpur
22 Jawahar Burj and ashtadhatu gateway Bharatpur Fort (inside)
23 Lal Mahal Rupvas

District Bikaner

24 Bhandasar Jaina Temple Bikaner
25 Fort Bhatner Hanumangarh
26 Jain temple of Susani Goddess Morkhena village
27 Pallu Jaina sculptures Bikaner

District Bundi

28 Wall paintings of Hardoti school in the palace Bundi

District Dholpur

29 Jogni Jogna temple Dholpur
30 Sher Garh Fort Do

District Dungarpur

31 Jaina temple inscription Baroda
32 Somnath temple Dev Somnath

District Jaipur

33 Banjaron ki Chhatri containing two pillars similar to the railing pillars of Bharhut stupa Lalsote
34 Baori Abaneri
35 Harsat Mata-ka-Mandir Do
36 Baories old Todaraisingh
37 Kala Pahar temple Do
38 Kalyanraijits temple Do
39 Laxmi Narainji's temple Do
40 Pipaji's temple (near dispensary) Do
41 Bisal Deoji's temple Bisalpur
42 Fresco paintings in the Ambar Palaces (personal property of the Maharaja) Ambar
43 Harshnath temple Harshnath-Sikar
44 Jama Masjid Ambar
45 Laxmi Narainji's temple Do
46 Sri Jagat Siromaniji temple Do
47 Sun temple Do
48 Hathi Batha Kakore
49 Inscription in Fort Nagar
50 Mand Kila tal inscription Do
51 Yupa pillars in Bichpuria temple Do
52 Inscription Panwar
53 Jain temple Sawai Madhopur Alanpur
54 Persian inscription in a Baori Do
55 Punderikji Haveli-Paintings in a room Brahmpure
56 Ranthambhore fort Ranthambhore
57 Temple containing Fresco paintings Gultaji
58 Yupa pillars recovered from mounds Bamala

District Jaisalmer

59 Fort including ancient temples Jaisalmer

District Jhalawar

60 Buddhist Caves Hathiagor
61 Buddhist Caves, Pillars, Idols Kolvi (Dag)
62 Buddhist caves and pillars Binnayaga (Dag)
63 Caves of Naranjani, etc Do
64 Old temples near the Chandrabhaga Jhalrapatan

District Jodhpur

65 Fort Mandore

District Karauli

66 Wall paintings in the palaces of Maharaja Gopal lal Karauli

District Kotah

67 Old temples, statues and inscriptions Shergarh
68 Siva temple and two unpublished Gupta inscriptions Charchoma
69 Temple (12th century) Baran
70 Temple, fort wall and statues Dara or Mukandara
71 Temple with inscriptions Kanswa
72 Yupa pillars Badva

District Udaipur

73 Fort of Chitor as a whole Chitor
74 Fort of Kumbhalgarh as a whole Kumbhalgarh
75 Maha Kal and two other temples Bijholi
76 Rock inscription (12th century) Do
77 Sas Bahu temples Nagada


1 Ananteshwar temple Anandpur
2 Ashokan Rock Junagadh
3 Caves Do
4 Darbargadh Halvad Halvad
5 Dhank Caves Dhank
6 Gop temple Gop
7 House where Mahatma Gandhi was born and Kirti Mandir Porbandar
8 Inscription in the Harsata Mata temple Veraval
9 Jain Temples Talaja
10 Jama Masjid Veraval
11 Jami Masjid and Rahimat Masjid, Raveli Musjid Mangrol
12 Navlakha temple and Step well Ghumli
13 Navlakha temple Sejakpur
14 Neminath temple with 3 inscriptions V.S. 1333, 35, 39 Mt. Girnar
15 Nilakantha temple Anandpur
16 Pindara, Durvasa Rishi's Ashram and its site Pindara
17 Ra Khengar Mahal (temple) Mt. Girnar
18 Ranak Devi's temple Wadhwan
19 Sun temple Than
20 Surya temple Sutrapada
21 Talaja Caves Talaja
22 Temples-
Adishwar temple
Balabhai's temple
Chaumukha temple
Dalpet Bhai and Bhagu Bhai's shrine
Keshwaji Nayak temple
Moti Shah's Tuk temple
Nandeshwara Dipa temple
Panch Pandava temple
Shatrunjay Hil
23 Vastupal Temple Junagadh
24 Varaha Mandir Kadwar

District Trichur

1 Mural Paintings (16-1 7th Century) on the walls of the Ten-Kailasanatha temple Trichur
2 Mural Paintings (16-17th Century) on the walls of  the Mattancheri Palace Mattancheri town
3 Mural Paintings (19-17th Century) on the walls of  the Siva Temple Thiruvanchikularo
4 Mural Paintings (17th-18h Century) on the walls of the Srikoil of the Siva Temple at Chemmanthatta Eyyal
5 Mural Paintings on the walls of the Srikoil of the Pallimanna temple Vadakkanchery
6 Mural Paintings on the walls of the Sriramaswami temple at Triprayar Triprayar
7 Mural Paintings of the 17th-18th century on the walls of the Srikoils of the Siva Temple at Peruvanam; and wooden bracket images of a still earlier period on the Srikoils of the same shrine Oorakan
8 Twenty-nine wooden bracket images on the outer walls of the Srikoil of the Vishnu temple at Katavallur and other works of art in the same shrine Katavallur

Archaeological sites and remains

1. All archaeological sites anf remains in Part A States and Part B States which'before the commencement of this Act, have either been declared by theCentral Government to be protected areas or which have been takenpossession of by the Central Government as protected areas.
The followingarchaeological sites and remains in Part B states not covered by Item No. Iimmediately preceding :


District Aurangabad

1 Ancient mound Paithan

District Gulbarga

2 Prehistoric site Evathalli
3 Ditto Rajankallur

District Medak

4 Ancient mound Kondspur

District Raichur

5 Ancient mound
6 Ancient mound
7 Prehistoric site

District Warangal

8 Prehistoric site Janampet


District Bhilsa

1 Ancient site Besnagar
2 Buddhist stupa Gyaraspur
3 Ruins of Gupta temple Udaygiri

District Dhar

4 Ruins in Bhoipura Mandu
5 Ruins on the west of Rewa Kund Do

District Newar

6 Excavated site Kasrawad

District Gird

7 Ancient site Pawaya

District Ujain

8 Ancient mounds' viz., Bhairon' Gadh' Vaishya Tekri' Kumbhar Tekr Ujjain


District Bangalore

1 Prehistoric site Chikjala
2 Ditto Hejjala
3 Ditto Managondanahalli
4 Ditto Sevandurga

District Chitaldrug

5 Prehistoric site Brahmagiri
6 Ditto Chandravalli

District Kolar

7 Prehistoric site

District Mysore

8 Prehistoric site Kittur


District Alwar

1 Ancient remains Pandrupol
2 Ancient site Bhangadh

District Banswara

3 Ancient remains Vithal Deva

District Bharatpur

4 Ancient Mound Malah
5 Ditto Noh

District Bikaner

6 Ancient mounds Badopal
7 Ditto Bhadrakali
8 Ditto Bhannar Theri
9 Ditto Dhokal
10 Ditto Manak
11 Ditto Munda
12 Ditto Peer Sultan
13 Ditto Rang Mahal
14 Ancient mounds (3) Kalibanga
15 Ancient Mound Pilibanga
16 Ancient Mound Baror (Anupgarh Tahsil)
17 Ancient mounds (2) Binjor(Anupgarh Tahsil)
18 Ancient Mound Chak 86 (Do.)
19 Ancient Mounds (2) Mathula (Do.)
20 Ancient Mound Tarkhanewala Dera(Do.)

District Bundi

21 Ancient Mounds Nainwa, Lakheri and Keshwarai Patan

District Jaipur

22 Ancient Mound Abaneri
23 Ditto Bundwali-Doongri
24 Ditto Gariagarh (Newai)
25 Ditto Maheshra
26 Ditto Nagar
27 Ditto Raniwas
28 Ditto Sikrai
29 Devapura Barodia mounds Jhalai
30 Excavated site Nagar
31 Ditto Rairh (Newai)
32 Excavated sites Bairat and Sambhar

District Jaisalmer

33 Ancient site Lodruva Patan

District Jhalawar

34 Ancient ruins Dalsagar Ganga Dhar
35 Ditto Dudhaliya (Dag)

District Kotah

36 Ancient ruins and structural remains Krishnavilas
37 Ruins of temples Artu or Ganesh Ganj

District Udaipur

38 Ancient ruins Kalyanpur
39 Ditto Nagari
40 Ditto Badoli

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