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Hindu Masjids

Richard M. Eaton, Professor of History,
University of Arizona has listed 80 temple
desecrations and has charted them on three

20. American Professor on Temple Desecration

The second myth about temple desecrations is that a few Hindu scholars like Professors Ram Swarup and Sita Rarn Goel have exaggerated their incidence. The truth is that iconoclasm was an integral aspect for long periods in the medieval history of India. The original sources of information are nearly all contemporary Muslim chroniclers who wrote in Arabic or Persian. Inumerable Muslim sources and their prolific records are proof that the badshahs as well as Muslim elite considers desecrations to be important enough to be recorded at such length.

A number of chroniclers have described with exhilaration the desecrations in their time indicating satisfaction at the service performed for the sake of Allah. One of the last Islamic scholars to have commented gleefully on temple desecration was Sir Syed Ahmad Khan who founded Aligarh Muslim University in his well known treatise called Asan's Sanadid. Yet another modem luminary to have writte with pride was Maulana Hakim Sayed Abdul Hai (affectionately called Abdur Hai), Rector, Daurul-Ulum Nadwatul-Ulama at Deoband.

After their arrival in India in the 18th and 19th centuries, British scholars also took interest in the subject of temple desecration. For purposes of research, the used medieval chroniclers. In addition to the invaluable information they were able to dig up, they added their knowledge by personal surveys of the sites where deseorations had taken place. An outstanding surveyor was Lt. Gen. Sir Alexander Cunningham, the first Director General of the Archaeological Survey of India.

The fact that medieval Islamic chroniclers as well as British historians took so much interest, is evidence enough of the historic importance of temple desecration Medieeval scholars presumably were gratified at the damage that their invading partrons were able to inflict on a non-Muslim civilization. They considered faith as the bedrock of Hindu civilization. The destruction of a temple would help in cracking bedrock and thus make it easier for conversion of Hindus into Muslims; progress towards the esablishment of Darul Islam. British historians were critical of this destructive aggression and lamented particularly the attempted obliteration of many a beautiful temple

Uncannily, most modem Indian historians have ignored medieval Islamic chroniclers as well as British archaeologists. The result has been that few history books carry the tragic saga of temple desecration. This mischief of silence has, in turn, given the impression that isolated Hindu scholars are the only ones who have made a hue and cry about mandirs having been damaged or destroyed by Muslims. In the following pages are given three maps drawn by Professor Eaton alongwith his list of 80 temples and a bibliography of his sources. These are taken from his Essays on Islam and Indian History, Oxford University Press, Delhi, 2000.

Hindu Masjids
Prafull Goradia
The Challenge
1. The Conflict

Shuddhi in Stone
10. Christian Tears
11. Ataladevi Masjid
12. Four Vandals, One Temple
13. Bhojshala Masjid
14. Seven Temples Kept Buried
15. Adina Masjid
16. Jungle Pirbaba
17. Mandir and Dargah in One Building
18. Shuddhi by Govemment
19. Iconoclasm Continues in pakistan, Bangladesh and in Kashmir
2. Shuddhi by British
20. American Professor on Temple Desecration
3. Incomplete Shuddhi
4. Spontaneous Shuddhi
5. Waterloo of Aryavarta
6. Reclaimed Temple at Mahaban
7. Qutbuddin And 27 Mandirs
8. Instant Vandalism
9. Ghazni to Alamgir

Anti-Hindu Hindus
21. Ghazni and Nehru
22. Is A Communist Always Anti-Hindu?
23. Are Some Intellectuals Perverse?
24. Are Some Eminent Indians Anti-Hindu?
25. Ambedkar, a True Hindu
26. Swaraj Meant Saving the Khalifa
27. Archaeological Surveys
28. Hindu Future after Black Tuesday

1. Annexure I
2. Annexure II
3. Annexure III
4. Annexure IV

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