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Paradox Media India-China Controversy Affidavit

November 2016




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Unfinished Agenda of Partition
Hindustan remained where they were. Uncannily...

Westernisation Of Turkey Perverted Communalism
Gandhi's Prejudice

Exchange of Populations 'France Open to Ban on Foreign Funds to Mosques'
Allahabad School 'Bans' National Anthem; Principal, 7 Teachers Quit Migration of Hindus from Kairana (UP)
AMU Hits Out at Govt's U-turn on status at SC Roza and Namaj banned in China
Jinnah Recognised Balochistan's Independence 'Islam is at War With itself''


Syed Shahabuddin Editor Replies
In response to Shri Shahabuddin Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on MF Hussain

SC for wider debat on Triple Talaq Our Affidavit

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